How to Play the Talking Drum in Seven Days

How to Play the Talking Drum in Seven Days
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Friday, 7 January 2022


I read that Rema's mother wants him to go to school (higher institution) and that he will be resuming at the University of Lagos this session at the creative arts department.

Higher education is good but there is an alternative to it especially if you are already an A-list artist.

So, your mother is NOT completely right.

Going to the university now at the peak of your music career is going to slow you down.

By the time you are through, you will become an upcoming artist all over again and you will become frustrated.

There is no way you can be in school and be able to concentrate on your music career.

There will be so many classes, classwork and assignments to do.

I suggest that you attend an online business school or hire a private tutor to teach you the basics needed for the music business such as:

1. Business Management
2. Project Management
3. Law of Contract
4. Intellectual Property Law
5. Business Communication
6. Bookkeeping and Accounting

These subjects will help with your personal finance, legal and investment opportunities.

In addition, you will also take a Music course to learn:

1. Music Theory
2. Music Production
3. Music Performance

....which will enable you to learn how to play at least one musical instrument and be able to master and mix music for the benefit of your own songs and to earn an income if you are interested in these fields.

Music is like sports.

The best time to do it is when you are young.

Music is a career of time and numbers.

Time, with respect to your current fame.

Numbers, with respect to your current fan base.

You lose them, you miss out!

Parents need to seek wise counsel with respect to careers that are outside the box such as music and sports so that you will not make your children miserable.

I foresee Rema dropping out of the university in the nearest future because music is a selfish lover.

January 8, 2022

Wednesday, 3 November 2021


According to Legit, despite Netflix making over N350 billion from the popular Squid Game series, the show creator has said he only got enough money to 'put food on his table'.


Hwang disclosed that he was not paid any extra bonus by the giant movie streaming platform.

Commenters on this page have gone haywire raining curses on Netflix for cheating the producer.

One of the commenters even compared this scenario to what happened to Nǃxau.

So, I decided to write this article.


According to Wikipedia, Nǃxau ǂToma was a Namibian bush farmer and actor who starred in the 1980 movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy and its sequels, in which he played the Kalahari Bushman Xixo. The Namibian called him "Namibia's most famous actor".

According to San Youth Network, this main actor of, The Gods Must Be Crazy, was only paid $300, even though the popular 1980 movie generated over 60 million dollars.

The film unpredictably became the top grossing foreign film in 1980 and the lead actor, N!xau Toma won, international fame for the same.

Nǃxau ǂToma represented a sincere Bushman with an unashamed smile who discovers a Coca-Cola bottle thrown out of an aircraft and seeing it as an alien thing, he sets off into a comedy of errors.

According to the South African director of the film who first discovered the actor, Jamie Uys, N!xau did not know the value of paper money and he let his first $300 wages blow away.

Before being cast in the movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy, N!xau only had minimal exposure to modern life and did not grasp the real value of money.

However, by the time the sequel movie The Gods Must Be Crazy II was being shot in 1989 he had understood the value of money and demanded more than a few hundred thousand dollars before assenting to be recast in the film.

Nǃxau maintained that the money was needed to build a cinder-block house with electricity and a water pump for his family comprising of three wives and their children.

After his big-screen career faded, in 2000, the Namibian newspaper reported that N!xau returned to his home area living in a newly built brick house where he tended his cattle and became a farmer growing maize, pumpkins and beans.

N!xau Toma was later found dead in June 2003 near his home in Namibia after he purportedly went out to collect wood. It is believed he was fifty-nine and the exact cause of his death was unknown. He had suffered from tuberculosis in the past.

What Hwang got for his intellectual property and what Nǃxau got for his acting work-for-hire service were simply based on the consideration element of their contractual agreements which generally states that compensation must be sufficient but need not be adequate.

See the case of Thomas v Thomas.

So, what they got based on their contracts is fair.

What they got is sufficient fare to transport them from their previous position to their current position where value was added unto them.

Was it fear of the unknown that his work would not be a success that did not push Hwang to request for more fees and royalties in his agreement with Netflix?

This is the reason why intellectual property owners ought to strive to check for loopholes in their contracts before signing them.

They can also earn from their intellectual properties via future royalties and the sale of merchandise.

© DJ Irawo
Music and Creative Career Consultant @ Drumline Entertainment

Monday, 11 October 2021

My Mental Health Story


Yesterday evening, I had the privilege of speaking about my mental health experience with Grey Insights in commemoration of World Mental Health Day which comes up on October 10 of every year. 

Kindly watch the video of my live Instagram video via this link:

Dear Irawo,


The Grey Insights team express our appreciation to you for your support and outstanding contribution to our World Mental Health Day series.


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak at this year's World Mental Health Day event.


We appreciate your enthusiasm and positive spirit in promoting Mental Health awareness. We hope to partner with you in future endeavours.


Best regards,


Adekunbi Bello EAP Manager

Grey Insights Limited

Africa’s Premier EAP Provider

Saturday, 9 October 2021

Songwriting Survey

Kindly fill my songwriting survey to help me garner data for my business analysis and presentation coming up next week.

This is necessary to move Drumline Entertainment forward. 

Click here to get started.

Thank you.

Musically yours,

DJ Irawo

Creative Business Bootcamp 2021

I was one of the participants of the recently concluded Creative Business Bootcamp.

I learnt a lot about how to structure my business in terms of innovation, planning, modelling, taxation, networking, designing, sales and marketing, delegation, bookkeeping and accounting, processes, etc.

Drumline Entertainment is going places.

Musically yours, 

DJ Irawo

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