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Saturday, 26 June 2021



AU UNVEILS THE CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR AFRIMA 2021...Call for entries starts on June 28 at 12.00noon (CAT).

The African Union, in partnership with the International Committee of the All African Music Awards, AFRIMA, has formally unveiled the calendar of events for the upcoming 2021 edition of the awards ceremony. 

The unveiling event took place at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on June 23, 2021.

The unveiling activity marks the formal opening of AFRIMA 2021 and features a line-up of undertakings and events that would take place between June 20 and November 21, 2021.

Speaking on behalf of the African Union, the Director of health, Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development, Mrs. Cisse Mariama Mohamed, noted that "The COVID pandemic resulted in multiple setbacks for the continent but AFRIMA is committed to uniting the continent through entertainment and honouring the tradition of celebrating the scintillating musical culture of Africa by featuring exhilarating Pan-Africa events through the lifespan of the calendar year in 2021 and we are looking forward to celebrating the richness of the African continent alongside AFRIMA in November this year".

According to a document signed by Mrs Mohamed, the submission of entries marks the first official event of the 2021 AFRIMA calendar and officially opens globally on to African music professionals either living on the continent or in the diaspora from Monday, June 28 by 12:00noon Central African Time (CAT) and closes on Friday, August 20, 2021.

Further details on entry submission guidelines are available on the AFRIMA website (

The submission of songs and videos must be produced or released under the year in review i.e. June 1, 2020 to August 20, 2021. 

African music artistes, managers, producers, record label owners, recording companies, video directors, Disc Jockeys, Choreographers/dancers and International acts are eligible to submit their works or submit on behalf of their clients via the official AFRIMA website for a possible nomination in one or more of the forty (40) categories of AFRIMA.

Other activities slated on the calendar includes a 'Pre-Screening process where submitted entries will go through a screening carried out by the Screening Committee of AFRIMA. 

The screening process would be done within the period of August 21 to 28 2021 after which the International Jury of AFRIMA comprising a 13-man panel of experienced, respected African music experts and practitioners will carry out the AFRIMA Adjudication process from August 29th to September 6th.

The Adjudication process involves the International jury members carefully and painstakingly assessing and selecting the very best amongst submitted entries to occupy the AFRIMA 2021 Nominees' List. 

On completion, a 'World Media Announcement of AFRIMA 2021 Nominees' List' will take place on September 7th to publicly unveil the African artists and works by Africans in Africa and the diaspora that has been nominated.

On September 8, the AFRIMA Academy as well as African music fans and followers around the globe begin to participate in the 'AFRIMA Public Voting' process to be conducted on during which the 2021 nominees will receive votes that could lead them to emerge winners in the various categories of the awards. 

The voting process, which closes 24 hours before the main awards ceremony would be monitored and audited by a reputable International Auditing Firm.

Finally, the main awards ceremony, set to hold from November 18th to November 2021 in the host city, features a three-day fiesta of music, glamour, Afrocentrism and entertainment. 

The event commences with the Welcome Soiree followed by the AFRIMA Music Village, the Host City Tour, the Africa Music Business Summit and the exclusive Nominees Party and concluded with the live Awards Ceremony.

Fans of African music globally can follow along and take part in the AFRIMA 2021 events on social media, live stream on the AFRIMA website, the AFRIMA App and by tuning to over eighty-four television stations which are AFRIMA partners.

In partnership with the African Union Commission, (AUC), All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA, is the pinnacle of African music awards globally. 

AFRIMA is a music and cultural initiative developed to celebrate, reward and showcase the rich musical heritage of Africa, stimulate conversations among Africans and between Africa and the rest of the globe about the great potentials and values of the African culture and artistic legacy for the purpose of creating jobs, reducing poverty, calling the attention of world leaders to Africa and promoting the positive image of Africa to the world.


Tuesday, 22 June 2021



Right from primary school through secondary school to the polytechnic and the university, I never planned to own a business.

My plan was to qualify as a chartered accountant, graduate from the university and work as a chartered accountant for organizations with a focus on auditing, taxation and management accounting.

The farthest that I thought that I could go was to be a consultant.

You will notice that I planned to qualify as a chartered accountant before graduating from the university. That is because I started writing the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) examination from my Ordinary National Diploma One (OND1) whilst I was an accounting student of the Yaba College of Technology, Lagos.

After OND, I did my industrial attachment with Equitorial Trust Bank Limited where I worked as a communication assistant, switchboard operator and receptionist.

After my IT, I began to lose interest in a 9 to 5 job. I did not really see myself going to work every day like my parents did; my father is a quantity surveyor while my mother was a nurse. I knew that I would be bored but I was already on the accounting path and did not see a derailment in view. 

There was no use of ruffling feathers since the altercation between me and my parents and my choice of class: science or commercial or art as I was about to get into senior secondary school. 

I knew that I wanted to be in the art class but I did not know exactly what I wanted to do but by the time I was done with secondary school, I knew that I wanted to study theatre arts. Your guess is as good as mine. It was going to be an impossible task to achieve.

I gave my thoughts about a change of course a chance while I was studying accounting at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun state. 

At the time that I was a student at this school, theatre arts was not taught. The nearest course to it was mass communication. 

My friends thought that I was making a mistake as I could run into complications with a change of course. So, I stuck with my accounting and graduated with a second class upper.

After school, I tried to get a job at about six advertising companies as a copywriter but they all kept referring me to their accounting department. I fled! 

I could not get any other job except at the banks based on my initial work experience. So, I got stuck with working from one bank and financial institution to the other.

During my national youth service, I served in Lagos state and I was a member of the cultural troupe. I won an award for my outstanding performance as a talking drummer. 

Afterwards, I got a scholarship to study music at the Pencils Film and Television Institute. I majored in the drums set and I graduated with a distinction and as the best music performing student. 

This is where my dream of becoming a  professional musician was birthed.

I worked a 9 to 5 and went for gigs on weekends.

I wrote my first song in 1992 when I was in SSS one. It was titled, Get the Job. It was a rap song.

I began to write songs professionally after I graduated from music school in 2008. My first professional song is titled, Masterpiece. It is going to be one of the eighteen songs that will make up my debut album this 2021.

In 2009, I recorded an EP that consisted of two songs titled, Excuse Me Dance and Now O'Clock. The latter song will be one of the songs on my debut album. 

I shopped for a record label, sharing my demo up and down the streets of Lagos but I could not get any record label that wanted to sign up a musician who played a local musical instrument, was a jazz musician, was married and already in her thirties with two children.

I did not fit into the hip-hop trend and I was not ready to change my genre of music for anyone or get sexually involved with anyone for the sake of my music career.

My self-worth must be intact at all times.

So, I decided to register my own entertainment business as an enterprise on the twelfth day of January 2010 to cater for my music content and services and that is how Drumline Entertainment was born.

Now, I can sing whatever genre of music that I like and provide whatever entertainment service that I want.

However, I have restricted myself to the following services and they are:

  1. Authorship
  2. Music Blogging
  3. Music Promotion
  4. Music Publishing
  5. Music Performance as a jazz musician and a disc jockey.

I enjoy all that I do and intend to do so for many more years to come.

I am musically yours, 

DJ Irawo

Monday, 21 June 2021



I have been away from my blog for too long! I can feel weeds growing on my last blog. 

Well, here I am!

I was working behind the scene on my first book and as of today, I have written 96,932 words with more editing to go.

I decided to set everything aside to bring it to completion and possibly write four more books before the end of 2021.

This is the longest of my books. I am optimistic that I will be able to complete it as well as the rest of my books before the end of the year. 

I shall publish and sell as soon as I am done writing and editing. 

No time to check time!

I am still working on my debut album too.

This year is a year of debuts; debut book and debut music album. So help me God!

I shall endeavour to post one content per day. Join me tomorrow for another blog post.

Musically yours,

DJ Irawo

Monday, 3 May 2021



Chidinma Ekile
Chidinma Ekile: Source -

It is no longer news that Chidinma Ekile has rebranded as a gospel musician.

She has gone as far as deleting all of her 'worldly' pictures from Instagram.

Good for her!

Nigerian 'Christians' have been welcoming her back into their fold with phrases like:

"Welcome back!"
"You belong in the gospel music industry."
"She has left worldly music," and so on.

Firstly, gospel music is not an industry.

It is a ministry for which you must be called by God.

If you are not called by God, you will turn your gospel music into a business and it will no longer become a ministry.

The honorarium paid to you will no longer be enough.

You will begin to demand for high-performance fees and special treatment.

God, who has called gospel musicians, makes provisions for them spiritually.

If you are not called but you decide to force gospel music on yourself just because you are a Christian, owu go blow you and it will turn into a struggle and black slide for you.

In order words, it takes a lot of spirituality, discipline and self control to be a true gospel musician.

Secondly, good music is good music regardless of whether it is secular or gospel or Islamic or a Bhuddist song.

I listen to all kinds of songs from all over the world.

Many Nigerian gospel songs do not come close to these ones.

Some songs are gospel music but are still wack!

One of my music teachers, Mr
Akapo Emmanuel
, once said:

"To be a successful musician, do great music, enjoy the process and don't forget to work on the business side of your music."

So, what ever kind of music that you do, do it well.

Thirdly, because a musician now identifies as a gospel musician does not mean that she is a saint and that those who continue with secular music are devils.

If you believe this, you are simply an ignorant being.

The kind of music that one creates and performs (ministers) is not a true reflection of one's character.

However, it is expected that gospel musicians be of good behaviour.

Fourthly, gospel and secular music have their place in our society.

You cannot play gospel music all of the time.

For example, do you play gospel music while copulating with your partner?

Certainly, you will need to play romantic and sensual songs to get in the mood and keep the atmosphere conducive for the occasion.

Secular music is needed for music therapy too.

Secular music is needed for self expression that cannot be found in gospel music.

Secular music promotes and preserves our culture.

Are your traditional/cultural songs gospel music?

You will need to listen to feel-good music just for the sake of it.

Some jazz pieces do not have vocals and you will delight in them.

You must have listened to Simi's songs.

She crossed over from gospel music to secular music.

Are her lyrics sinful?

So, when a musician decides to be a secular or gospel musician, pick your choice, take a chill pill, take a back seat and quit judging!

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© DJ Irawo
May 3, 2021



Sexual violence is an umbrella term that includes a wide range of unlawful sexual acts. 

The term can include: 

sexual assault

sexual harassment

sex trafficking

female genital cutting

child marriage

enforced sterilization

sexual slavery

enforced prostitution

forced pregnancy

forced abortion

Sexual violence in the form of sexual harassment can also be via online or via digital technologies. 

Technology-facilitated sexual violence includes: 

online stalking

gender-based hate speech

image-based sexual abuse

online rape threats

online sexual harassment.

Sexual assault refers to an indecent sexual attack on a body. 

Rape is a form of sexual assault. It is the penetration of the vagina, anus and mouth without consent.

Attempted rape, fondling and unwanted sexual touching are forms of rape.

Rape also falls under sexual harassment because the harassment is done before the eventual assault.

Section 357 of the Criminal Code Act applicable in the Southern Nigeria defines rape as follows;

“Any person who has unlawful carnal knowledge of a woman or girl without her consent, or with her consent, if the consent is obtained by force or by means of threats or intimidation of any kind, or by fear of harm, or by means of false and fraudulent representation as to the nature of the act, or in the case of a married woman, by personating her husband, is guilty of an offence which is called rape.”

Section 358 of the same Act states that the punishment for the offence of rape is imprisonment for life.

Sexual Harassment has the following examples:

+ Actual or attempted rape

+ Unwanted pressure for sexual favors

+ Unwanted deliberate touching, leaning over, cornering or pinching

+ Unwanted sexual looks or gestures

+ Unwanted letters, telephone calls or materials of a sexual nature

+ Unwanted pressure for dates

+ Unwanted sexual teasing, jokes, remarks or questions 

+ Referring to an adult as a girl, hunk, doll, babe or honey

+ Whistling at someone

+ Cat calls. 

+ Sexual comments

+ Turning work discussions to sexual topics

+ Sexual innuendos or stories

+ Asking about sexual fantasies, preferences or history

+ Asking personal questions about social or sexual life

+ Sexual comments about a person's clothing, anatomy or looks

Kissing sounds, howling and smacking lips

+ Telling lies or spreading rumours about a person's personal sex life

+ Requesting for nude pictures or videos

+ Sharing of unwanted nudes of oneself or those gotten from online sources to a person

+ Sharing nudes of a person to other people online or offline

+ Touching an employee's clothing, hair or body

+ Giving personal gifts like under wears, sex toys, etc.

+ Hanging around a person

+ Hugging, kissing, groping, patting or stroking without permission.

+ Touching or rubbing oneself sexually around another person.

+ Standing close or brushing up against a person. 

Looking a person up and down

+ Staring at a woman lustfully

+ Sexually suggestive signals

+ Facial expressions, winking, throwing kisses or licking lips

+ Making sexual gestures with hands or through body movements.

Lagos is the capital of Nigerian entertainment. This is what the law of Lagos state says about sexual harassment: 

The Criminal Law of Lagos State prohibits harassment and describes harassment as unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favours and other visual,verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature which when submitted to or rejected –


(a) implicitly or explicitly affects a person’s employment or educational opportunity or unreasonably interferes with the person’s work or educational performance; 

(b) implicitly or explicitly suggests that submission to or rejection of the conduct will be a factor in academic or employment decisions; or 

(c) creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive learning or working environment. 

Any person who sexually harasses another is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for three years.

Emotional effects of sexual violence








Powerlessness and loss of control

Mental health effects of sexual violence



Panic attacks


Difficulty concentrating

Loss of motivation

Substance abuse

Suicidal ideation

Physical effects of sexual violence

Increased stress levels



Sleep disturbances

Eating disturbances

It is no news that sexual harassment and assault exist in the work place with particular reference to the Nigerian entertainment industry and with particular reference to sexual molestation by Nigerian men against Nigerian women.

Female musicians, instrumentalists, producers, disc jockeys, actresses, writers, models and women under the entertainment bracket employment face one form of harassment or the other. 

Unfortunately, many incidents of sexual harassment assault are never reported. 

In the entertainment industry, victims of assault are often worried that reporting such activity will have an adverse effect on their employment prospects.  

Victims may be forced into sexual acts in return for promises of recognition and opportunity.  This results into a QUID PRO QUO HARASSMENT.

A Quid Pro Harassment is when employment and/or employment decisions for an employee are based on that employee’s acceptance or rejection of the unwelcome sexual behavior. 

Victims may also be reluctant to report abuse due to the fear that others will not believe their version of what happened.

Child talents also experience sexual molestation. They lack the judgment to refuse sexual overtures that are tied to promises of career advancement. This is why children must be accompanied by at least one parent or a guardian for auditions or performances or shooting.

Allegations of sexual abuse in the entertainment industry are often kept secret as a result of duress and intimidation by individuals and corporations with extensive resources.  

It can be extraordinarily difficult to publicly disclose wrongdoing by powerful and well-known entities.

Asides from this reason, social media judges will be quick to crucify the victim by asking her what she was wearing when she was sexually abused. They delight in turning the victim into the culprit and blame her for her dilemma.

These social media bullies fail to realize that a woman must not be assaulted no matter what she is wearing. It is not in your place to crucify her. 

Nevertheless, sexual harassment and assault in the entertainment industry are unlawful and should be redressed through criminal and civil penalties. 

Famous and wealthy celebrities should not be protected from the consequences of their illegal behavior.  

The current dilemma being faced by victims of sexual assault in Nigeria is that it is difficult for them to get justice for sexual assault committed on them many years ago. 

Our sexual violence laws are not strong enough to incorporate other means of bringing a culprit to justice apart from written or audio or video evidence and witnesses.

The sperm DNA too is tested in Nigerian courts only if the rape case is a recent one.

Rape cases that happened years ago are swept under the carpet because of the passage of time and lack of substantial evidence. 

Nigerian laws do not accommodate the ‘look back’ widow and the use of lie detector tests.

A bill should be passed to include a lie detector test and other methods that are used in advanced countries. Otherwise, how was it possible for Bill Cosby and Robert Kelly to be jailed in the United States of America as a result of the sexual violence that they committed on women many years ago? 

Some testimonies for Bill Cosby were as far back as thirty years ago as at the time the case was being heard in court.

Never blame a rape victim for not speaking up on time. Although, it is advisable to do so, there are many mental health factors that do not make this to be possible. 

The Nigerian law must give room for a victim to take her time to build up the confidence to tell her own story and seek justice only if she wants to.

It is so unfortunate that the judiciary and legislative arm of government do not carry out researches on these matters in order to use the outcome to improve our own laws.

Why would they even bother about it when sexual harassment is still considered a little matter that can be settled amicably with a bribe?

Sexual violence is a major reason why many girls and women are skeptical about taking up a career in the entertainment industry.

There must be gender equality in all careers. Thus, males must stop intimidating females in this industry. 

I am aware that some females have no shame. They are the ones who seduce men in order to get roles. It must be noted that women who do this are not as many as those who are specifically targeted. 

My focus is not on these ones but on women who are truly hardworking and passionate about taking up a career in the entertainment industry.

I implore female entertainers and professionals to prevent sexual assault by not getting familiar with their male colleagues. 

Prepare for your auditions and do your job professionally.

Make sure that you read your contracts properly or hire a lawyer to read them for you so that you will not get tied up in unprofessional contracts and with crazy people.

Aspire to have other sources of income to run your own business and earn money from other sources of income so that you will not become dependent and desperate.

Call out your molester on social media and hire a lawyer to take up the matter. If you cannot afford a lawyer, meet a human rights organization to help fight your case.

This immorality must stop!

DJ Irawo

May 3, 2021

Saturday, 17 April 2021



What is your background? How does it inform your art?

My name is Adetula Oluwademilade. I was born on the 26th of August, 2002. I am an undergraduate of creative arts at the university.

I am a visual (abstract) artist and applied (textile) artist. I am also a poet, voice actor and basketballer.

I have been playing basketball since 2014 when I was in junior secondary school one. I began playing basketball professionally after secondary school. 

I have been creating abstract and textile art since I was in senior secondary school one. 

I began writing poetry in 2020. My voice acting career took off after I joined the League of Voice Actors of Nigeria in 2020.

Art runs in my family. My mother is a drummer, singer, songwriter, disc jockey and nonfiction writer while my father is a public relations executive whose work involves a lot of writing and public speaking.

My late maternal grandmother was also a textile artist and she majored on adire, batik and woven designs. She was also an art illustrator, fashion designer, jewelry designer, dancer, pianist and violinist. 

Also, I have grand aunties, aunties and uncles who are into jewelry designing, fashion designing, textile designing, makeup artistry and other forms of art.

What type of art do you consume?

I consume different types of art like music (afrobeat, afropop, hip-pop, pop), drama (comedy, romantic, tragic-comedy), dance and painting. All of these art forms form the basis of my ideas.

Who/what are your most important artistic influences? 

I get influenced by my culture, community and personal life.

What type of art do you create and what motivates you to make it?

The types of art that I create are visual art with focus on abstract art and applied art with focus on textile art. 

The motivation to create these art comes from my observation of the Yoruba and pop cultures. I progressed from the traditional indigo adire colour into different colours and modern attires starting with T-shirts.

My motivation also comes from what I see, hear and feel.

What materials, processes, techniques, etc., do you use to create your artwork?

The textile design (tie-dye) which I currently focus on, is one which involves many materials, processes and techniques. The bases of my textile art are my design, dye, fabric and chemicals. Other materials include, buckets, kettle, stick, table spoon, board, raffia, etc.

My materials, processes and techniques are my trade secrets *winks*.

Is there a connection between your message and the way you make your art? 

Yes, there is. My art portrays self-confidence, truth, integrity and justice.

What is your artwork exploring, underneath everything? 

My art is exploring the passage of time, political and social issues, pop culture and mental health.

What do people need to know about you, about how you think and why you create to understand and appreciate your artwork?

I need people to know that I do not just do art for fun. I create art because I have the talent for it, it is therapeutic and it is financially rewarding.

What are you besides an artist?

I am a dedicated basketball player.

How do you define your role in life? 

My role is life is to let the world feel the positivity that I bring.

How do you make your living? 

I make a living from my:

1. Abstract Art

2. Textile Art

3. Poetry

4. Voice Acting

5. Basketball Playing

How do you seek opportunities?

I seek for opportunities via the internet and market my art and products on social media and via word of mouth. 

What are your most important relationships? 

Currently, my most important relationships are with my nuclear family which consists of my mother, father and two brothers.

How does art-making impact other parts of your life?

Art has made me to be self-employed, busy, emotionally and mentally balanced, business savvy and free from peer influence.

How do you define success as an artist? 

For me, success as an artist begins when I gain respect for the work that I do, grow financially and get continuous satisfaction from what I create and its perception by my customers.

What do you hope to accomplish in life?

I hope to accomplish bigger rewards due to the hard work that I put in everything that I do.

What is the general comment about your work?

The general comment about my work is that I am good and I must be better.

What are your future plans for your business? 

I hope to break into new grounds with respect to my textile art. 

I hope to create abstract art for exhibitions.

I hope to publish my anthology of poems.

I look forward to taking on voice acting jobs.

I look forward to getting drafted into the Nigerian Basketball Association.

I have scars on my mind and hind from SARS;
Criminals who think they are chasing criminals.
Theirs is the way of barbaric animals,
Bribery and killing is their main game.
Protecting the people?
They have lost that aim.
Locking up the innocent behind bars,
Giving them psychological scars.
What have we done to deserve this?
We were not born for this.
Never call us your friend,
For that is a big lie
On your promises,
We can never rely.


None should ever be.
Pouring new wine into old skin bags will only burst the nation's bubble.
Did I burst your bubble?
Children of our leaders will eat of this,
If they cannot put a stop to this.
Being the gluttonous shark is your aim,
Eating all at sea is your game.


We knock on the ears of our leaders,
But they play deaf to our pleas,
They play dumb to our pain,
Our cries seem to be in vain.
Our sorrows they mock,
Our poor plight, 
They make no effort to put to an end
But we the Nigerian youths will put an end 
To using us as a means to an end.
We are the monsters your sadism has made.
© Oluwademilade Adetula 2020

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Facebook: @demidetula