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Wednesday, 12 February 2020


In Nigeria, there are two main categories of music and they are; gospel music and secular music
Some other set of people call their kind of music, inspirational.
I have discovered that before a musician sets out to create music for the public, he or she first decides whether to do gospel or secular music.
In my opinion, gospel music is not a class of music that a musician decides to choose. He or she must be led by the Holy Spirit to spread the gospel with his or her songs.
Some musicians simply compose music and because it consists of heavenly words like Olorun, Jehovah, Jesus, Father, etc, they categorize themselves as gospel musicians.
Some gospel musicians' way of life is a far cry from the songs that they minister. I am not their judge. It is simply my observation.
It is compulsory for gospel musicians to be born-again Christians before and during their music career. You must work with the Holy Spirit to save souls, praise and worship God.
If you are a full-time gospel musician, there will be times that you will run into problems of lack of finance but God will provide for you because He has called you to do this work and He will provide for your every need.
Those that are testing the gospel music waters for money will get frustrated and probably change to the secular genre of music because they have not gotten the wealth they seek from gospel music. 

For those who are into gospel music for the money, Frank Edwards has a few words of advice for you.
According to Frank Edwards in his interview with the Punch newspapers, I quote;
“Gospel music is a ministry and not an industry.
‘If you are a gospel minister, you have to know you are in a ministry. If you are in it for the money, you may be disappointed…. It is not that you will not make money in the long run but that is not the focus. The focus is to preach the gospel of Christ through your music. When your focus is to first do something that would sell, you would lose focus. If you want to do it for the business, then try secular music.
‘You need to be called to be a gospel artist because you would have to endure when the money is not forthcoming and you have to wait on the Lord and learn to use your faith. You would even be popular and you would still be climbing bikes.”
Secular music artists may also decide to write and perform gospel music at some point in their career. They should not be castigated for doing this because asides from being secular artists, they are also Christians and would love to worship God via their songwriting, singing and instrument playing skills and go back to their secular music afterwards.
For example, I intend to include my songs that edify God into my second album; ten songs in all. You may call it gospel music but I am neither a gospel musician nor a secular musician. I am not even an inspirational musician. I simply do great music.
With my second album, I just want to praise God as a human being and my fans and new converts may decide to worship and praise Him along with me.
R. Kelly wrote and sang gospel songs like YOU SAVED ME and THE STORM IS OVER. He also wrote I LOOK TO YOU for Whitney Houston and a few more gospel songs.
While singers like Simi are switching from gospel music to secular music, rappers like Kanye West, after serenading Lucifer in a lot of his previous songs, have switched to gospel music.
Kanye has two gospel music albums titled JESUS IS KING and JESUS IS BORN. From the great songs in these albums, it seems to me that Kanye West has converted to gospel music completely. Great!
Do what you will.
Jesus loves you anyway!

Wednesday, 29 January 2020



Below is what a lady tweeted about Naira Marley;

I guess that her outburst originated from a post by a Marlian and from the corresponding comment from another Marlian on that post as shown below;

....and most likely this....

In my opinion, education is important for any art creator. 

Education is how you protect your rights with respect to the business and legal sides of your art and craft.

If you are not enlightened, how will you know that you are being cheated by your manager and other members of your team?

How will you understand your music or acting contract?

How will you become an international musician if you are not educated?

Alongside your music, you will also be answering interview questions on radio, television, events and online platforms. 

Your fans will want to know how intelligent and eloquent you are asides from your art.

How will you communicate effectively in round table discussions as a musician?

Many musicians went back to the classroom to acquire an education after an inferiority complex set in for them during the course of their music careers.

Examples of these musicians and actors are; Saheed Osupa, KWAM 1, Odunlade Adekola, etc.

Musicians like Salawa Abeni hired private tutors to teach them how to read and write.

Certainly, their efforts have helped their careers tremendously.

So, while listening to the music of your favourite musicians, be guided. Do not let them mislead you whilst they seek for attention and catch their trips.

Certainly, Naira Marley's four children and probably his two wives will attend the best schools in the United Kingdom while you stick around in Nigeria sucking up to a misleading Marlian fantasy.


English literature is the literature written by the British showcasing the English lifestyle and culture.

This type of literary work is written in English language which is the mother tongue or native dialect of these people.

The works written by the English people cover the three genres of literature: Prose, Drama and Poetry.

For example, Yoruba literature will cover stories about the Yoruba history, stories about Sango, Oya, Sopona, Esu, how Oduduwa became the Yoruba leader, etc.

Literature in English, on the other hand, is the literary work that covers all regions or countries of the world, written in the English language.

The literature in this category are: Yoruba literature, Igbo literature, Canadian literature, American literature, African literature, Australian literature, Asian literature, etc.

For example, literature in Yoruba can cover stories about other ethnic groups or countries, such as stories about the British or French, written in the Yoruba language.

Another example is if I decide to write the Biafra story in the Yoruba language.

For example, to the Igbos, the Biafra story will be called Igbo literature while the same Biafra story to the Yorubas will be literature in Yoruba.

Monday, 27 January 2020

The difference between BEEN and BEING

BEEN is the past participle form of the verb to be.
It is used with the auxiliary verbs 'has', 'have' and 'had' to form perfect tenses.
1.How long has it been since you were in Nigeria?
2. She had been writing that novel for thirty years when she died.
3. How long have you been living here?
BEING is the present participle form of the verb to be. It is used with the auxiliaries 'is', 'are', 'was', and 'were' to form continuous tenses:
1.Olusola is being difficult.
2. The letter is being written.
It is used as a verbal, a word that partakes of both verb and noun.
1.Being polite is more productive than being rude.
Other forms of 'being'.
The word 'being' can also be used as a noun meaning “creature.”
1.No human being should be homeless.
2. I watched a movie about a being from outer space.
Being can also mean “existence.”
1. We are called from nothingness into being.
In the expression “for the time being,” it means “the present.”
1. We’ll leave him alone for the time being.

Friday, 27 December 2019


Dear readers and clients, thank you for your support in 2019.

Certainly, 2020 will be a lot better for us all.

Happy holidays!

Saturday, 21 December 2019


 Image result for tiwa savage and davido

Tiwa Savage writes; 
"It has been brought to my attention that there is a viral video which includes me advertising an upcoming COZA event. I want to state that I have nothing to do with the church and generally do not endorse their events. I'm extremely disappointed that I was fraudulently approached to simply comment on how God has been good to me and it has been wrongly edited to use my image to create an advert to deceive people. COZA, this is wrong! I will be taking action if this is not immediately retracted."

Nigerian music superstar, Wizkid, retweeted Tiwa Savage's post as a sign of support for her stand against the church.

These two should get married and let us be!

Also, Davido warned COZA on Wednesday, December 18, 2019 after a doctored video was shared on Biodun Fatoyinbo's Twitter and Instagram pages. 

The video portrays Davido advertising an event, Twelve Days of Glory, which is billed to take place in the church soon.

The mother of the female child in the video, Elizabeth Omale, whom Davido created the video for, wrote;

"I would like to make some clarifications on the video recorded with @davidoofficial for my church, the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly COZA). The video was in no way intended to be an official advertisement from the church. It was simply my way of raising awareness for a program I am passionate about. I have read reports online claiming that Davido is coming to the program as an ambassador of COZA because of the video. These reports are false.
'He recorded that video with me and my daughter as a favour to a friend; nothing more. Also, my pastor, Pastor Biodun, only reposted the video from my page because he has been reposting videos about the program. My video wasn't the only one on his page.The video was a product of my excitement about 12 DG and there was no malice intended. I apologize for the confusion and misrepresentation and once again, I would like to say I acted as an individual and not as an official representative of COZA. Thank you."


Barawo pipu! Using opolo ori eja (fish brain) for us since 19-gbogboro!

So, who doctored the video if it wasn't you, Elizabeth Omale, just to support your rape accused pastor?

It nauseates me that you even refer to him as your pastor after all the rape allegations against him.

The rape case against him was struck out abi?! Kwantiniu to bask in your ignorance.

Anyway, Biodun Fatoyinbo has removed the controversial post from his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

It would have been nice to see him in court again. 

By the way, here is the link to the controversial video:


Friday, 20 December 2019


In the latter months of 2018, I made a call for songwriters on my Facebook wall and page and I got up to one hundred and one entries. Albeit, I was only able to choose five songs.

Unfortunately, two of these songwriters did not want to let go of their songs. They wanted to perform their songs by themselves. So, I am left with three songwriters.

These two songwriters do not understand what music publishing means. They assume that I am a record label owner.

Record label is not not the same as music publishing. They both perform different functions in the music industry internationally.

The truth is that it is not all music artistes that can write great songs. Some music artistes have lovely vocal expressions and enchanting stage craft but they write awful lyrics and compositions.

Meanwhile, some people can write great lyrics and melody but they have a terrible voice or they are shy or they lack stage craft or they do not want to become performing artists; they prefer to work a 9 to 5 or work in some other business ventures.

At the same time, some music artistes are also great songwriters. If this is the situation, then it is a plus for the record label.

Music artists like DJ Irawo, 2 Baba, Wizkid, Simi, Adekunle Gold, Teniola the Entertainer, etc can hold the stage spellbound and also write great lyrics. 

Thus, in simple English language, record labels represent music artists while music publishers represent songwriters.

One of the songwriters that I signed on in March 2019, is yet to submit his requirements. Albeit, he has promised to do before the end of 2019. When he does so, I will add his details to the two songwriters on my blog.

Marketing these songs have not been easy and at one time, I almost gave up the idea of publishing music but because of my passion for this section of the music industry, I have decided to bear my cross.

Music Publishing is the act and art of renting out music by a songwriter to users of music such as record labels, music artists, performing artists, movie producers, television producers, etc.

You may liken music publishing to the way we rent a movie tape of compact disc at a video club.

The tape of compact disc is not yours. You did not buy it. You rented it. So, after you finish watching the content, you return it to the owner of the tape of compact disc. 

In reality, the video club owner is not the copyright owner of these VHS tapes and compact discs but this analysis should suffice.

According to the Nigerian copyright law and the copyright law in many countries of the world, the copyright in a published song belongs to a songwriter for the duration of his lifetime and seventy (70) years after his death after which the song goes into a public domain and it becomes free for anyone to use. 

In a Creative Commons the songwriter makes his songs free from inception for the purpose of making the world a better place.

After the death of a songwriter, his next of kin or those that the songwriter has specifically listed has been entitled to his royalties will collect these royalties for seventy years after the death of a songwriter.

A songwriter can administer his royalties by himself or sign up with a music publisher to get a better deal.

I do not sign songwriters forever. I sign them up for a period of five years and if they intend to renew their contract with me, they can do so.

However, it is my intention that with or without a contract, songwriters who have signed up with me in the past can always walk up to me for advice. Our relationship after a contract must remain cordial.

However, there is a clause in my contracts that if a songwriter intends to sell off his song(s) and all the rights attached to it, he may do so. It is a win-win situation but licensing a song is much better.

The overall management of royalties accruing to a songwriter, music publisher, record label, etc is managed by the collecting society in a country.

In Nigeria, we have the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) and the Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria (MCSN).

Registering with a music professional like me will ensure that you do not only get your general royalties but in addition, you will get your specific royalties as at when due because I know the ropes to pull and the nuts to crack in this section of the industry.

I have the experience and certifications to practice as a music publisher all over the world. 

In addition to managing the songs of songwriters who do not intend to perform their own music on stage, I also manage the songs written by performing music artistes. 

These type of performing music artists/songwriters will need my services especially if they are independent music artists.

An independent music artist is one who is not signed to any record label.

I will stop for now.

I will like to read your comments and answer your questions.

Musically yours,

DJ Irawo

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