How to Play the Talking Drum in Seven Days

How to Play the Talking Drum in Seven Days
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Sunday, 31 January 2021



Sadly, the gospel Spirit and Soul Show has come to an end ðŸ˜’😧😧.

I was optimistic that the show would last till the agreed cut-off month of May, 2021 but my sponsor, Shuzia Limited, thinks otherwise.

Shuzia Limited owns the copyright to the name of this show. Therefore, I will no longer be able to use this name for my gospel shows.

It was a good partnership while it lasted. I gave it my best shot💪!

It is worthy of note that I was formerly a music journalist at between 2018 and 2019.

We still have a good relationship to work on other projects in the future.

I move on to my next projects.

DJ Irawo

Tuesday, 5 January 2021



There is always a first time for everything and this is the first time for My Freedom Street Jam organized by Drumline Entertainment.

My initial plan was to launch this show in collaboration with clubs, hotels, lounges and places where music performances take place but the plan changed because of the covid-19 pandemic which caused performances at all event centres to come to a complete halt.

DJ 07 and DJ Irawo

Even now, entertainment activities in these event venues are not as buoyant as they ought to be and there are rumours that the government will begin to monitor the order of gatherings at parties, clubs, lounges, churches, etc in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

What is the common man to do to get entertained and relieve stress?

Can I still organize this event and comply with the covid-19 rules and regulations?

So, the idea came up in me to organize this event and to collaborate with DJ 07 who has been playing his music on the street to promote himself and I suggested that viewers sit in front of their shops and homes and watch from there without gathering around the performers.

The goals of the My Freedom Street Jam are to: 

  • To raise money via viewers' donations to support our miscellaneous expenses.

  • To raise awareness for mental health in my community and proffer solutions.

  • To partner with mental health professionals to provide free medical checkups for members of my community.

  • To partner with brands who intend to promote their products and services in my community.

  • To provide free entertainment for members of my community.

The Orisunmibare community in the Alimoso local government area is the one currently enjoying this service.

At the end of the first edition, My Freedom Street Jam was entertaining.

Women danced in front of their homes and shops.

Children danced on the streets in an impromptu choreography.

Boys and men moved closer to get a better view of me to ensure that I was the one actually playing the talking drum😁.

Vehicles almost jammed themselves in order to get a better view of our performance.

Some vehicles, motorcyclists and rickshaws parked their automobiles to get enjoy the beats.

The abokis were not left out.

They 'parked' their shoemaking boxes and sewing machines around a kiosk to get a good view of our event.

This is a test of the waters.

Hopefully, my official videographer will be available for the next editions.

Musically yours, 
DJ Irawo

Wednesday, 30 December 2020



This event is set to hold on January 4, 2021.

This time, yours truly will be collaborating with DJ 07 to bring this event to life.

Be there!

Saturday, 5 December 2020

KINIUN DE by Yetunde Are


The intro is catchy.

The outro is good.

The rhythm is pronounced.

The melody is tuneful.

The lead vocal is clear, powerful, confident and expressive.

The backup vocals are clear and soulful.

The lyrics are simple and inspiring.

The musical accompaniments are varied.

The songwriting skill is competent.

The recording and production qualities are balanced.

The performance is skillful.

Yetunde Are is a professional.

I rate this song 10/10.

Click on Kiniun De to listen and download this beautiful song.

Watch the performance of this song on Facebook @drumlineng.


Friday, 4 December 2020



The Spirit and Soul Show debuts on Monday, December 7, 2020 at 8pm.

The show will run from 8pm to approximately 9pm.

This show is in collaboration with Shuzia Limited, owners of the website, a digital website that sells and promotes audiobooks, ebooks, music, sermons, spoken word and magazines.

All songs to be played on this show will be downloaded from

You will be able to read the reviews of these songs on this blog as from later today.

Only songs that score 7/10 and above will be played on the Drumline Entertainment Facebook live show. So, click on  to like and follow me, your host, the one and only DJ Irawo, the drum jamming disc jockey!

So, if you are a gospel music artist, upload your music singles and album on the platform.

I will be listening to about thirty songs a week and I look forward to picking your song and I hope that your song or album makes it to the show!

God wants the best.

His followers are moved to praise and worship Him with great music in the best musical atmosphere.

The goals of these gospel music reviews and music shows are to improve the quality of gospel music in Nigeria and to appreciate the creators of this music content.

Peace be unto you as you follow me on this musical journey.

DJ Irawo

Tuesday, 8 September 2020


Copyright: Femislide on Facebook

Oluwafemi Akinbodunwa, also known as Femislide, is an award-winning international afro-fusion musician.

He was born in 1978 in Musin, Lagos, Nigeria.

He is a trombonist, trumpeter, songwriter and vocalist. 

Femislide performs jazz, afro-funk and highlife genres of music.

He has been making and performing music for the past twenty-three years. 

His role models in the music sector of the entertainment industry are; the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the late Haruna Isola and King Sunny Ade. 

He has recorded and or performed music with different musicians such as; Seyi Solagbade, Blackface, Lagbaja, Jesse King, Charly Boy, Waje, 2Baba Idibia, MI, Yolanda Brown, Mike Aremu, etc. 

Four songs from his EP are;
  1. Mari Jo
  2. Ife
  3. Teacher
  4. The Rich Also Cry

These four songs have great lyrical compositions, meaningful messages, sweet melody, vocal dexterity, sound balance and are professionally performed.

I thoroughly enjoyed these songs and cannot say which is my best. 

However, in Teacher, I expected to hear Tai Solarin's name as one of the teachers mentioned. I think that he was a prolific, prominent and outstanding teacher during his lifetime. Albeit, the ommission of his name does not in any way take away from the quality and beauty of that song. 

I rate these four songs 10/10.

Indeed Femislide is not joking with his musical career at all.


You can find Femislide's music at and follow him via his social media handles which can be found at the bottom right side of his website.

Watch DJ Irawo's performance of Femislide @djiraworocks.

This music promotion is sponsored by:

Musically yours,

DJ Irawo



Copyright: Justin Verz on Facebook

Online, by Justin Verz, has a sweet intro and a solemn outro.

The song is melodic. The lead vocal is expressive. The female backup vocal is convincing. The lyrics are simple and heartwarming. The musical accompaniments are smooth. The song structure is simple and rhythmic. The performance quality is above average. The production and recording quality could be better; the overall volume of the production needs to be higher. Justin Verz is a skillful musician. I rate this song 8/10.

What is Justin Verz's legal name?
My name is Elawure-Abowa Justin.

Where were you born?
I was born in Benin City, Nigeria.

What is your educational background?
I have a BSc in Computer Science. 

When did you start making and performing music?
I started playing and performing music when I was in senior secondary school one (SSS 1).

What are your areas of specialization in the music sector of the entertainment industry?
I am a music producer, rapper and singer.

Who are your role models in the entertainment industry and why?
I love Jon Bellion and Burna Boy because their music is inspiring and their lyrics are deep.

Where can we find Justin Verz's music?
You can find my old and new songs on my Audiomack account at; 

Watch DJ Irawo's performance of online on a Facebook live video @djiraworocks.

This edition of My Freedom Online Jam is sponsored by: 

Musically yours,

DJ Irawo



DJ Irawo

DJ Irawo's My Freedom Project is a list of promotional products under the Drumline Promotion service of Drumline Entertainment.

Today, the 8th day of September, 2020, this project kicks off with a debut of My Freedom Online Jam in a Facebook live video @djiraworocks.

The My Freedom Project series is a platform for me to showcase my drumming, disc jockey, dancing, singing, promotion and broadcasting skills. 

Artists to be promoted are music, literary, fine, applied and performing artists.

Today, I kickstarted the My Freedom Online Jam, one of the series of the My Freedom Project, with a song from Justin Verz and four songs from Femislide.

Check out the show via this video @djiraworocks.

Currently, the My Freedom Project consists of five sub-projects namely:
  1. Spirit and Soul Show 
  2. My Freedom Street Jam
  3. My Freedom Online Jam
  4. My Freedom Offline Jam
  5. My Freedom Online Chat
  1. Spirit and Soul Show is sponsored by Shuzia Limited. It is a promotion of's music content by various gospel musicians.
  2. My Freedom Street Jam is a platform for promoting DJ Irawo's talents, other artists and for the awareness and eradication of mental health in the community.
  3. My Freedom Online Jam is a platform for promoting musicians and other artists on the @djiraworocks and @drumlineng platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, LinkedIn and the Drumline Entertainment Blog.
  4. My Freedom Offline Jam is a platform for promoting musicians and other artists' works in partnership with entertainment venues such as hotels, lounges, clubs, etc.
  5. My Freedom Online Chat is a platform to interact with music professionals such as music teachers, music producers, music videographers, music bloggers, etc.
For the next six months, these series of projects will be sponsored by:

Stay with me.

I am musically yours,

DJ Irawo.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Going Higher

After a rigorous time spent watching online lectures from Professor Fisher, the American professor in charge of the Copyright X classes from the Harvard Law School, going for class discussions with the professors at the Advanced Legal Studies department of the University of Lagos, studying and burning the midnight oil, I stand tall to say that it was a time well spent on acquiring knowledge for the improvement of the entertainment, software and literary society in Nigeria.

I am optimistic about passing this exam because I studied well for it.

Surely, I am going higher, climbing the ladder of success and greatness in the areas of my passions; music, creative writing and business consulting.

When was the last time that you studied for a course? Learning never stops until we go six feet below.

Sunday, 29 October 2017


Ruth Bircham and Olufemi Ali

The case of a Jamaican born British erotic artist, Ruth Bircham, who was raped by a Nigerian, Mr. Olufemi Ali, in London has taken a new dimension as the London Metropolitan Police discharges the offender without charging him to court, even after the culprit had in the process of investigation openly admitted to the police that he committed the offence. 

During a chat with Bulkybon Periscopes, the rape victim said that the police said that they did not charge the rapist to court, because after the crime was committed, she had sent a whatsapp message to ask the rapist why he did what he did to her.

According to Bircham, 
The Councillor asked me why I contacted the rapist after he had committed the crime.  I told her that the rapist was my social media friend before he raped me. I was terribly shaken by his evil action and wanted to know why he did what he did to me.  

“It is shocking to be raped by someone you least expected to harm you, that was why I called to ask why he took advantage of my ill health to rape me. Rape does not come with a manual to say this is what they will do and what they will not do to you. When the culprits come to you in any form as friends or complete strangers. And the Councilor agreed with my reasoning.

However, Bircham wonders why the UK police victimize victims of rape by treating them like criminals while treating rapists as saints. 
She says she does not need to prove that she is a victim of rape if the police had done their job well from the onset after she reported the case. Instead, she has been victimized by the police, either because she is not a white woman or the rapist had bought them over. 

Reiterating how her case has been badly treated by the police, she offers that, 
I am not a solicitor. I am an artist who has been raped and treated unfairly by the police and the UK justice system. 
My main focus is my art, family, friends and fans and nothing else.  I don't give a shit about the UK and their lies, perjury, bullshit and racist fucking laws that incriminate or victimize black people that are victims of crimes. 
All I know is that in between what I am doing with my art, I am letting the world know that what the UK police have done to me is wrong for not charging the rapist to court after he has admitted to committing the crime. It shows that the police have compromised. 

This type of rubbish must never be allowed to happen to another victim with a repeat of the police and racist justice system, sweeping it under the carpet.

In a civilized society as the UK claims to be, all rape and sexual assault cases should be tried in the courts of England, in front of a judge and 12 juries. 
It is not the duty of police to discharge a serious crime of rape after it has been reported to them. In truly honest and non-racial climes, all rape victims are usually assigned with a solicitor, a counsellor and a forensic hospital doctor that does not shy away from examining the victim’s cervix to collect evidence to prove the crime. 
Based on the information given by the lively erotic artist, these were not done in her own rape case. 

At no time at all should ordinary inexperienced and biased police personnel be included in investigating any rape case. Special detectives are the persons that ought to handle such criminal cases of rape by collecting evidence from the victim, while a counsellor is assigned to the victim and works alongside solicitors for the victim and forensic doctors. 

From the look of things, Bircham’s rape case was tried and discharged by the suspiciously dubious London Metropolitan police. 
Instead of charging the rapist to court even after he had admitted to committing the crime, according to information shared by the victim, he has been set free! 
All rape cases should be tried in the law courts not at any police station. Victims should be given every support by listening to them and made to feel that they are being protected and not selectively intimidated and victimized based on their racial diversity or skin complexion. 

In this wise, the erotic artist posits that “UK law system should give better treatment and protection to rape victims irrespective of their ancestral background, instead of victimizing them because they are not white.  
A rapist must be treated as a rapist until the court says otherwise.  It is not the duty of police to determine the fate of any criminal.”

Basic common sense was enough to have made the London police know that all dangerous criminals like rapists should be held in prison until the date of their cases with solicitors. These are some of the conditions that the UK legal system should put in place for rapists. 

In Bircham’s very candid view, she emphasizes that “I have been treated as if I am a criminal who had committed a crime for reporting a rapist to the police. 
My mistake was that I reported that I was raped by Olufemi Ali on the 24th June 2017. Apart from hanging on why I called the rapist to ask him his reason for raping me, as one of the dubious reasons for setting him free, the police discharged my case by conspiratorially using an inadmissible un-amended statement without the knowledge of my contact witness who is my friend.  

“My friend (witness) told the police on phone that she felt that she had written something wrong in her statement. The officer, Det LP, told her that she could amend any error in her statement when she comes back from a trip she made outside the UK that period.  
My friend left the UK on the 20th of July 2017. Yet, the discharge letter that sets the rapist free was also written on the 20th of July 2017 and sent out to me by PC CA after I received a call from PC CA. My friend’s right to correct the error she made was denied her.  

“She says that there is something more to the hasty discharge of the case that meets the eye. I also strongly reason along that line; otherwise, why did they discharge and acquit the rapist without waiting for the amendment of the witness’s statement? 
When my friend came back to the UK, she wrote to Det LP asking her why she had used her un-amended statement as one of the reasons to discharge the case. Afterwards, my friend got a phone call from PC AW. He told my friend to withdraw her statement but she insisted that she will not withdraw her statement because she knows her rights. 

“But out of the blues, the PC CA then told my friend that they never quoted any part of her un-amended statement in the discharge letter. But my friend countered the PC CA by pointing out his lies, by telling him that she had seen the discharged letter and has read sections of her un-amended statement quoted in the discharge letter sent out to her friend  (me). 

“By this time I had already drawn the attention of my Councillor, MP, the Mayor of London and the high police commissioner D, to the issue. 
Suddenly, I received a letter from the DPS saying that they had received a letter from me, when I did not write any letter to the DPS or to the IPPC. 

“The dubious letter showed a chart of the PC AW implicating himself in the letter. But I had told this policeman that I would write my own letter to the DPS when I was ready. He criminally went ahead and wrote a letter without my knowledge to the IPPC and implicated himself and DET LP by impersonating me through the fake letter he wrote. 

From the foregoing, Bircham has released the can of worms of the London Metropolitan Police that handled her rape case. This calls the integrity of the London Police to question, as far as her rape case is concerned. 

Pinpointing the criminality of impersonation by the police, Bircham says “PC AW robbed me of my right to write a letter to the IPPC by impersonating me. I suspect he committed that criminal offence with the hope that they won't touch on the facts that he had committed perjury on the discharge letter by using un-amended document to discharge my case.” 
The reason behind the perjury and impersonation could clearly be attributed to the police grand plan of denying the rape victim an opportunity to get her case reviewed as every rape victim has the right for her case to be reviewed.  

“The police perjury is further more horrible for depending on an un-amended witness statement and the digital media whereby I had written to Olufemi Ali (whose current name on facebook is Alifem Alifem) asking him why he raped me, including the text message with which I sent him my address before he raped me and also the content of my facebook chat where I had accused him of being bad, are pointers to the conspiracy used by the police to discharge my case by halting it from receiving a hearing at a law court for trial. 
It therefore blocks opportunity to put a dangerous rapist in prison and prevent him from further capitalizing on using the social media to hunt for other unsuspecting victims to rape. I believe some type of corruption took place between the police and the rapist. The police compromised.”

The highly celebrated British erotic artist with large followership on social media also said the police added insult to her injury because, “The PC CA insinuates that my artworks and my profession was the cause for the rape that happened to me as he said ‘men think with their dicks.’ (WTF! So, she should stop her art because of one asswipe that could not keep his filthy dick in control!)

It is very essential that all rape victims should be assigned forensic doctors who examine the cervix for proof of the crime, solicitors to defend their legal and human rights and counsellors to help them overcome the effects of the trauma. 
Unfortunately, none of these aforementioned experts is assigned to victims of rape in the U.K, which hypocritically prides itself as a kingdom of uprightness. Instead, rapists are given free of charge solicitors, while the victims of rape are not given such free legal service by the judicial system in the U.K. 
To make matters worse for victims of rape, it is very difficult or almost impossible for them to get a solicitor to defend their right even when the victims are ready to pay for legal services of solicitors. 
One begins to wonder why many solicitors reject the handling of the cases of rape victims in the U.K. This attitude further frustrates victims of rape, and it seems the entire society is against the victims while rapists are treated as kings of the land, parading freely to rape more females. It is insane!

It is a shame that the UK which promotes itself as a kingdom of morality could support a rapist to go free to keep committing his crime on other unsuspecting females while the victim is blamed for falling prey. 
What hypocrites the UK and its police have proven to be!
Source: and Ruth Bircham

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Olufemi Ali rapes London based Artist

Olufemi Ali

Olufemi Ali
Olufemi Ali

Olufemi Ali

Ruth Bircham and Olufemi Ali

Ruth Bircham, my Facebook friend, a multimedia erotic artist based in the United Kingdom, says that she was raped by Olufemi Ali, her Facebook friend. Olufemi's Ali's pictures are as shown above.

Below is her Facebook update:

The accident on 10th June, 2017.
My sister in law and niece saw me fall to the ground on the street from their car. She called the ambulance and kept me conscious until the ambulance arrived. I was kept in hospital by the doctors.

For FIVE DAYS, IN MY HOUSE, I WAS UNABLE TO EAT ANY FOOD, because the DWP messed about with the money that it was giving me..... THE MEDICAL ASSESSORS SLANDER STOPPED THE ESA FROM PAYING MY RENT, And all other bills. I was; a victim of Lies.
I wrote to my local MP Steve Reed and he wrote to the DWP. The DWP said that the medical assessment is invalid assessment and will do a reassessment on me. They Called me for reassessment this year, last month. 
On the 5th June 2017 whereby they had to do a second reassessment, because I was rushed to hospital on the first reassessment due to chronic constipation from the pain killers that I take for the pains in my body. The arthritis, sciatica lumbar, carpal tunnel, spinal stenosis, intestinal malrotation deformity. 
On the 5th June at the assessment, they had the AIR CONDITIONING ON & CONSTANT COLD AIR BLEW on my legs in the waiting room for an hour. This worsened my arthritis in my whole legs. I tried getting up and moving around to loosen the stiffness in my both legs, but the sciatica kicked in and I had to sit down under the air conditioning. 
When I next got up, MY Legs Gave WAY from Beneath Me LOADS of times and I couldn't walk. When I was called, every time I placed my foot down 👇 they took turns giving way from under me.
SO ON THE 6TH 7, 8, 9 & 10TH JUNE I HAD NOT EATEN ANY FOOD AT ALL. ON the 10TH OF JUNE, I FORCED MY LEGS TO WALK because none of my family would help me for food shopping 🏬 so I was extremely hungry and had to go shopping. 
I had to leave one Crutches at home to bring the shopping trolley. It was very hot that day and this is why I fell to the ground on my way back home. 
I was taken home by ambulance to the hospital and back home again by ambulance service, a doctor X- rayed me and said that my both legs are severely sprained and because of the staples in my right leg, that it will take a month before I can weight bare on my leg. 
On the 24th JUNE I WAS RAPED BY a FIVE years FRIENDSHIP Of a FACEBOOK FRIEND FROM NIGERIA. I Do not blame every Nigerian man for this Nigerian RAPIST. This is what happened to me. And I feel so bloody numb. I can't believe it. 
If this isn't rape, then what is called rape?And he asked me what was up with my legs.  
As I walked with the crutches into the dining room, he said to me that he was worried about the issues of my legs and what treatment that I was getting. I started to explain, I sat on the mattress that was my makeshift bed which was unsteady, I offered him the computer chair to sit on, but instead he tried to sit on my mattress and fell off it. 
I offered him the chair again and he said he was fine on the mattress. I moved away from him, so that there was a huge space between us. While I was explaining the treatment to him, he leaned towards me and grabbed my breasts, I brushed his hand away and told him not to touch me. 
"No don't touch me!'' I said and I tried to get up of the mattress to reach for my crutches, he said that he wouldn't touch me again, so I told him that the next time he touched me he must leave my house. 
I continued to explain the condition of my legs and he reached over again and touched my breasts again, pushing his hand down into my top. I told him to stop and to get out of my house. He stood up and I thought he was going to leave, then he pulled down his trousers swiftly. 
I was shocked but I reached for my crutches to pull me up. He moved my crutches away from me and pulled down my leggings and panties at the same time then he threw his whole body weight on to my bruised body that was injured from the fall. 
He wedged his fat chunky body between my legs and he pulled down his shorts, I was telling him to get of me, to stop. 
"Get off me!!!'' I shouted. 
''What are you doing?'' I asked him. 
''Get of me!'' 
I pushed at him with both my arthritis fingers and carpal tunnel hands and arms to get of me but my hands hurt. When I moved them to push him off me, I continued pushing at him. I said, 
''No! no! no! Get off me!!! 
He leaned forward with his full chunky body weight onto my bruised chest and ribs and entered me. I couldn't feel anything and he was moving against me and saying, 
''I told you. I will fuck you! I can do it in your ass.''
I said, ''Get off me! No get off!'' 
I couldn't move my sprained legs as they hurt so much every time I moved them. I attempted but they wouldn't move. I pushed at him with my numb osteoarthritis fingers and hands but he never stopped. I felt numb and I must have blacked out because he was off me and there was a horrible strong smell and wetness between my legs and I felt rising vomit in my mouth and I couldn't move. 
Then I heard him far away asking me where the bathroom was. My ears felt numb and my eyes were blurring and I said, 
I couldn't get up I tried to get up and I couldn't get up. Then he was upstairs then I heard him come back down and I got my crutches and quickly moved as I thought he was going to rape me again. 
Then he went back upstairs. My legs were giving away and I crawled upstairs because the smell was so strong and I wanted to vomit. I couldn't use the portable toilet because I took the removable section upstairs that morning. 
So I crawled up the stairs on my hands and feet to the bathroom and pushed against the door to go in and he was there and he said something but it sounded distant. And I don't know how I got back down the stairs and I don't know what happened only that he was sitting on my mattress playing with his phone then he looked up at me. I was leaning on the door frame holding my two crutches looking at him. 
He said smiling, ''Lovely love making.'' 
I stared at him and said, 
''That wasn't love making. You raped me get out of my house! 
He continued to play with his phone. I stood there waiting for him to leave. Then I don't remember again. 
Then we are both at the front door and he is taking pictures of me. I can't remember what happened after the photograph taking. 
I felt afraid to sit down. Then my legs gave away from beneath me and I dragged myself to sit in the front room and he came back into my house into the sitting room. I was afraid. 
This is what happened to me on the 24th June 2017. I was raped and the law said that he is free.... 
I have to be strong and be the strongest person ever because I am not only doing this for me. I'm doing it for every single raped victim in the world and especially in the UK this is pure sickness!
Oh! My God! This is what happened to an helpless woman. The bastard, Olufemi Ali, his name on Facebook is Femoral Aloral (Femi Ali), is walking about like a free man because the London Police thinks that Miss Bircham led to the act.

I used to think that it was only the Nigerian Police that was daft. The London Police too haf join.

Who is a lawyer based in the United Kingdom? How can you help this woman?

You have all seen the face of the bastard. Avoid him. If he is your family member, the curse will be on you if you do not fish him out for justice.

There is no reason for a woman to be raped. She is an erotic artist does not give any idiot the right to violate her human right. 

Justice must prevail.

NO! Is NO!


After my Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in accounting at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, I got a job at Equitorial Trust Bank where I did my Industrial Attachment (IT).

My colleagues and boss would advise me not to go back for my Higher National Diploma (HND) but go to a university. I was told that HND holders had lower prospects of getting promotions and that there was a very high segregation between HND graduates and university degree graduates.

I tried to get into Obafemi Awolowo University and Ogun state university but I was not successful. After a while, I got tired of working at the bank and decided to stay at home to prepare for another JAMB or get a direct entry into a university.

It was the era of satellite campuses. I saw the advert for a diploma in accounting at Abubarkar Tafa Balewa University, Bauchi. I went to the school at Fadeyi to make enquiries. I was told that having the school's diploma would make it faster to get into it's university than if I used my OND at Yaba Tech.

So, I discussed with my parents and they gave their permission and money and I began the registration process at the ATBU outreach.

It was at this school that I met her. She was very fair in complexion. Her name was Julie. We became friends on my first day at the school. She was the one that came to meet me and we began to gist. We became close and after school, we would leave together and take the same bus. I would be the first to get down before her because I was also attending my ICAN school (Instititute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria) at WYSE which was in the same area.

Julie liked to talk about her boyfriends and sugar daddies. She would sponsor my lunch during break time.

One day, I was sitting alone in another class studying for a test. I was the only one in that class. She came to meet me.
She said,
"Kemi what are you doing?"
I said, "You can see that I am studying."
She said, "You are studying abi."
And as she was saying that, she was grabbing my breasts and smooching them.
Then she made some mourning sound and planted a kiss on my lips.
I said, "Julie, are you alright?"
She said, "Continue reading. We will talk later."

After class, I did not call her. I just left the school and went home. At this time, my mind did not go to anything like lesbianism. I just thought that she was fooling around and I was disgusted.

I had heard about lesbians when I was in secondary school. A friend of mine who had elder sisters in a girls' only school had gisted me about how girls would have sex partners and they will be calling themselves, my 'ichu' and that they would use wrapper to cover themselves whilst they fondled themselves in bed.

As exams approached, Julie asked me to come and stay with her in the girls' hostel that was near the school. She had moved into the hostel a month before because she complained that her aunt whom she stayed with had started giving her wahala because of her numerous boyfriends and sugar daddies.

She said she was having problems in accounting and that it would be nice if I came to stay with her so that we could study together. I told her that I would ask my parents if they would allow me to stay with her so that I will be able to get to school faster because of the exams.

I never bothered to ask my parents because I knew that there was no need to stay in any hostel. I could cope with coming to school from home everyday. Besides, my parents are very strict. They would want to know whom I was going to stay with and ask so many questions that I would be tired.

The next day, I told her that my parents said that there was no need to move in with her and that I could come from home.
I said,
"Besides, won't your room mate mind an extra person?"

She said, "I live in my room alone. You have refused to come and visit me. How will you know? Every time you will be be going for ICAN lectures. You don't even have time for me again.
Hanhan, Kemi why are you behaving like this? I have already made preparations for us. If you come and stay with me, I will take care of your feeding and you don't have to pay any money for the space. I have already paid for a year."

"Don't do me like this now" and as she made that last statement, she came towards me and started to smooch my breasts again and her right hand went down to my crouch.

I pushed her away. It felt weird.

When the exams started, she would come and sit next to me so that she could copy me. It was distracting. I could not get the incident out of my mind.

I raised up my hand and the invigilator asked me what I wanted. I told him that I wanted to leave my position and sit somewhere else.

After the exams, we did not speak to each other till our diploma session was over. I don't know whether she eventually went to ATBU. Well, I did not. Eventually, I got an admission into Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun state.

Probably, Julie thought that I was the male version of the lesbian because back then, I always wore a pair of jeans of different colours, shorts, shirts, boots, morcasin and behaved like a boy.

Why would I be attracted to a girl without an original 'poron', baritone voice and six packs?!
If I had gone to her room, wetin for don happen?

Lesbians, free me! Abeg!

Friday, 21 July 2017

BREASTS ~ Women - Part 3

Hello everyone.

In this very short final part of the breast series, I will talk about how women can please their men via the men' breasts/nipples.

Men too have breasts. You already know that. I used to think that men's breasts are useless but now I know that everything God created is for a good purpose.

The men's breasts too have nerves in them that respond to stimuli. For example, if the weather is cold, the nipples of a man will also be aroused.

So sexually speaking, a woman can turn her man on via his nipples by tickling and teasing him with her fingers just like the way a man will tease a woman's.

Furthermore, the woman can also gently bite and tickle the nipples with her tongue and gently blow air with her mouth on his nipples.....sensational! each other.

You and your partner should look forward to love making. It should never be a boring affair.

I rest my case.

Your comments are always welcome.

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