How to Play the Talking Drum in Seven Days

How to Play the Talking Drum in Seven Days
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Shine with DJ Irawo



I promote the music of other musicians. 

I also promote the books, art, film, events and businesses of my clients.

Below are my promotion fees:

Shine with DJ Irawo 
Music Album
 Promotion Package: N50,000

 1Artist's songs on the music album are promoted via Facebook Live, one song per day.

2. DJ Irawo's album mix of all the songs on the album will be broadcast on an additional day.

3. DJ Irawo's album mix will be uploaded on music streaming sites which the artist can also share to his/her followers via these streaming platforms.  

4. Songs on the music album will also be included on DJ Irawo's offline playlists.

5. Interview with DJ Irawo is broadcast via Facebook Live.

6. Transcribed live interview is shared on the Drumline Blog.

7. A TikTok dance video of one song from the album is created by DJ Irawo and shared to all her social media platforms.

8. Facebook and TikTok videos are shared to DJ Irawo's:

  • Drumline Entertainment Blog
  • Facebook and Instagram Story
  • Facebook, Instagram and TikTok Reels
  • Facebook and Instagram Story
  • WhatsApp Broadcast
  • WhatsApp Status
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

9. Artist's Pictures will be on the Drumline Blog spotlight for the duration of the album promotion.

10. Artist's social media links will be shared alongside the promotions during the promotion period.

11. After the promotion, pictures on the social media pages remain there.

More terms and conditions apply.

Shine with DJ Irawo Music Single Promotion Package: N20,000

This is the same as above except that only one song will be promoted for one day. 

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Pineapple Groove

In this fifteen minutes Facebook live show, I play Nigerian songs that I love. In addition, I include songs from the Music Promotion that I am currently promoting. 

Jump in to participate in this pineapple-sweet-juicy offer.

Shine with DJ Irawo Business Chat

I chat with Music Industry Professionals, Artists, Writers, Filmmakers and Business Owners

Promotion Package N15,000

1. Interview with DJ Irawo via Facebook Live

2. Transcription of Interview on the Drumline Entertainment Blog

3. Video of interview shall be shared to:

Interview video will be shared across DJ Irawo's social media platforms.

 4. Product and service via advertisement banners will be in the spotlight on the Drumline Entertainment Blog for one week.

5. Advertisement banners on social media platforms remain there indefinitely. 

Copywriting Only Package N5,000

This comes with the privileges of the Chat Package without the interview.


All the logos or pictures of the music artists and entrepreneurs that I have worked with will be added to my story page.

They will serve as continuous promotion for a long time.

Send a mail to: or WhatsApp +234-(0)7069-254-843 to get started on any of these offers.


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