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Jonathan Nwachukwu Chibueze

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DJ Irawo

DJ Irawo
DJ Irawo Rocks!


Author: Joe Agbro Jr.
 Date:Oct0ber 18, 2015

MANY drummers realize they have drumming talents from tapping on wood. Such was the case with Oluwakemi Famugbode Adetula. She started drumming at age 10 when she was in JSS 1 at the Lagos State Model College, Badore, Ajah. As a boarder, the table tops and wardrobes were outlets she used in honing her drumming skills. Reade more............................

Date:     September 22, 2015
Irawo Drumline

IRAWO DRUMLINE, born Oluwakemi Bamidele Famugbode, is a soul-jazz musician, drummer, singer, drum instructor, songwriter and live DJ. Her major musical instrument is the gangana popular Yoruba musical instrument also known as the talking drum. Read more...

Author:       Oluwakemi Adetula
      Date:           July 2015 Music in Africa
Irawo Drumline (real name Oluwakemi Bamidele Famugbode) is a drummer, singer, songwriter and disc jockey from Lagos, Nigeria. She plays and teaches the gangan, a musical instrument which originates from the Yoruba land of Nigeria and popularly known as the talking drum. She is a jazz musician. Read more........

Author:     Namang Banang 
Date:         June 16, 2015
Irawo the talking Drummer
Talking drum has been one of the oldest form of Nigerian music instrument, mostly played by the Yoruba people of the Western part of Nigeria.
In this photo, the old piece of music instrument was handled by a female DJ by the name Irawo Drumline who combined live performance with her song mixing.

It was amazing to watch her synchronize the two together.

Author:     Lucia
Date:        June 11, 2015

The facilitators and participants are expected to record two songs together which will be performed at the concert on Saturday, along with performances by the participants, DJ Sketch, DJ Bally, DJ Java, PJEGK, Irawo Drumline and DJ Kwest. Read more.........

Author:    Naijalog
Date:        October 1, 2014
Event Review – Kakkaki… Shades of Culture

I was particularly wowed by the performance of Irawo the Drumline. She plays the talking drum, and she belted out a wonderful rendition of the National Anthem; and also accompanied the band (unprepared) to Ty Bello’s Greenland. All on the talking drum! Read more...

Author: Ebere Ameh
Date:     March 28, 2014 

I studied Accountancy, but drumming is my calling –Irawo
The jazz fusion that I do is a combination of different kinds of music like rock, reggae, pop and the rest, but the main thing about my music is that it is done with the accompaniment of the talking drum. I also use the talking drum to sing classical music. My aim is to promote it beyond the African setting. I want it to be a universal musical instrument just as we have the guitar, the violin and  all that,” she said. Read more

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