How to Play the Talking Drum in Seven Days

How to Play the Talking Drum in Seven Days
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Music Therapy


Music Therapy is the use of musical elements by an accredited music therapist to promote, maintain and restore mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. 

Music Therapy helps to:

  1. Shift one's attention from problems to solutions
  2. Offer a rhythmic structure for relaxation and breathing
  3. Clients to visualize positive imagery that evokes pleasure and happiness
  4. Clients to achieve a deep state of relaxation
  5. Change mood from bad to good.

I use music as an intervention for the following therapies:
  1. Divorce Therapy
  2. Mental Health Therapy

Divorce Therapy

Under this therapy, offer the following types of therapy

Individual Therapy
This is a therapy that is done with one person. It could be:
  • Separation Coaching
  • Divorce Coaching
  • Post-Divorce Coaching
Couples Therapy
This is a therapy that is done with two people and it helps to address any problems or issues the couple may be experiencing in their marriage. 

Here, I use my divorce therapy as a preventive method to resolve and prevent issues in a marriage that could lead to a divorce.

Family Therapy
This type of therapy includes all members of the family regardless of whether they are still living together or not. 

It is designed to help the family members learn how to communicate with each other. 

It helps them resolve any issues that may have arisen as a result of the separation or divorce.

Mental Health Therapy

I use music to improve my clients' wellbeing so that they can feel motivated, express themselves creatively, develop their social, communication and comprehension skills, develop self-esteem and have empathy for others. 

My mental health therapy sessions are for individuals and organizations. 

One of the methods that I use for organizations is the corporate drumming session.

I facilitate corporate drumming sessions for corporate organizations for their:

  • workshops
  • conferences
  • breakout sessions
  • barrier breakers
  • team building activities.

I teach simple beats, melody, rhythm and business tips with the talking drums. 

Every participant will be provided with a drum or percussion instrument to join in the fun.

Also, I provide music therapy with the talking drums. 

I am a talking drum seller.

I am a talking drum player.

I am a talking drum teacher.

I teach online and offline talking drum classes for children and adults.

I also teach other types of drums such as bata, ekwe and djembe drums.

Accompanying dance classes are available.

Currently, a Gangan talking drum costs thirty-six thousand Naira (N36,000).

To learn how to play this drum you should also purchase my book titled, How to Play the Talking Drum in Seven Days which comes with a course video.

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