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DJ Irawo Rocks!

Music Supervision


I love music.


I love reading.


I love reading a great script.


I love adding music to a great script.


I visualize a musical and sound synergy with your action, comedy, drama, fantasy, animation, documentary, etc film or television or commercials project.


As a disc jockey with the memory of a billion songs in my brain, I know the exact song to fit your visuals.


If there is no existing song that fits into your project, my songwriting skills and that of my retinue of songwriters will come in handy.


As a copyright law expert, I know how to synergize your visuals to music to bring your vision to the screen all over the world without running into legal hassles.


Instead of bombarding your film director with the music aspect of your film, let him/her worry about other matters such as casting, production designing and other matters.


Leave your music matters to me.


In the end, the filmmaker, director, editor, etc and I will work together for the success of a film project.


Music meets your super vision.


The job is done seamlessly.


There is happiness amongst the film team, the songwriters, the viewers, the music publisher, music supervisor, the cinemas and other stakeholders.

In 2015, I worked on the Èkó Ilé film project where I prepared the carried out a spotting exercise, carried out a cue management and sought licencing for two of Fẹlá Aníkúlápò's songs amongst other songs needed for the film.

Unfortunately, the film did not see the light of day as a result of funding as with other film projects that I worked on.

So, I dumped the music supervision side of my services due to lack of morale.

I am back to it now because I still see a lot of lapses in this service and I am sure that my new projects will be exciting and buoyant to work on.

Currently, I charge 💯 pay before service of N750,000 ($1,500) per film project for the following services: 

+ Reading of a Film Script

+ Spotting Exercise

+ Cue Management

+ Lyrics, Composition and Song Clearances with the right owners or their representatives within and outside Nigeria

+ Search for Music in the public domain that fits into your project.

+ Claim of music for fair use where necessary.

Excluding the following based on your budget:

+ Music Synchronization Licensing Fee

+ Sound Design

+ Performance Royalties and other royalties and legal fees.

+ Transportation and Lodging Costs where the filmmaker/producer/director requires my presence on a film set, etc.

Hire me.




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