How to Play the Talking Drum in Seven Days

How to Play the Talking Drum in Seven Days
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Music Publishing

As a music publisher, I work with;

· Lyricists

· Composers

· Songwriters (Lyricists + Composers)

· Independent Music Artists who are also Songwriters who intend to license their own songs to filmmakers or cover or sample a song

· Record Labels

· Filmmakers

· Advertising Companies

· Game companies



I provide the melody for their lyrics and seek for musicians to perform these songs or for use in other users' projects.


I provide the lyrics for their compositions or publish the composition in its current form to end-users.


· I seek music artists that will perform their songs or I market their songs to other users of music like filmmakers; whichever comes first.

· I help them to manage and collect their mechanical fees, synchronization licenses, specific and general royalties; currently and in the future.

Independent music artists who are also songwriters

I promote the music of songwriters who are also performing artists on my online show and blog. Go to Music Promotion to find out more.

Record Labels

I work with record labels to provide their music artists with songs for recording.

Film companies, Advertising companies and Game companies

I provide music content for synchronization into your artistic creations. 

Song Writers at Drumline Entertainment

Below are three songwriters that are currently signed to Drumline Entertainment: 

Usman Zubair

Jonathan Chibueze Nwachukwu

Jose Feliz

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Music Publishing 101


1.      I accept lyrics only. 

2.      I accept music compositions only.

3.      I accept recorded music (lyrics and composition) via voice recording on your phone.

4.      I accept music (lyrics and composition) recorded in a music studio with or without mixing and mastering.

Send your intellectual property to me via a link or as an attachment to my WhatsApp at +234-(0)706-925-4843.