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Jonathan Nwachukwu Chibueze

Jonathan Nwachukwu Chibueze
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DJ Irawo

DJ Irawo
DJ Irawo Rocks!

DJ Irawo

At the Drumline Festival organized by Drumline Entertainment, Lagos, Nigeria (2015)

At the Electronic DJ concert party held at the Printing Press, Lagos organized by the Goethe Institut and the Alliance France, Lagos (2015)
In the music studio in Lagos, Nigeria with DJ R-ash; my disc jockey mentor from Paris. 

After my interview with the BBC crew at Osun Osogbo Groove, Osun State (2017)

Performing at the Lagos International Jazz Festival (2015)

That is me in the green iro and buba aso oke, first from the right - Stage play - Abuja (2006)

Talking drum workshop with children at the Freedom Park, Lagos.
A live performance art piece designed by me titled, CONNECTED MASTERPIECE, at the rooftop of the City Hall, hosted by the Goethe Institut, Lagos (2014)

During a studio music recording with DJ Rash from France during
the live disc jockey and music production workshop organized by 
the Goethe Institut, Alliance France in Lagos (2015)

Live Art: Happy Back Pouch (2015)

I am a;

  • Singer
  • Blogger
  • Drummer
  • Songwriter
  • Disc Jockey
  • Music Publisher

I am currently working on my debut album titled, IRAWO's FREEDOM!

Listen to two songs from my forthcoming album.

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