How to Play the Talking Drum in Seven Days

How to Play the Talking Drum in Seven Days
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Sunday, 15 August 2021



Wole is the founder and Group Managing Director of the Custodian Investment Group with interests in Life Insurance, General Insurance, Pensions and Trusteeship business.


He is an industry leader with over thirty (30) years experience and has at various times been a member of the Presidential Committee on Pension Reforms, Chairman of the Nigerian Insurers Association, Council Member of the West African Insurance Companies Association (Ghana) and External Lecturer – West African Insurance Institute, Banjul, The Gambia.


He sits on several Boards and is a Council member of the African Insurance Organization (Cameroun), Nigerian Insurers Association and the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

He has been nominated a top 25 CEO on the Nigeria Stock Exchange by the influential BusinessDay newspaper as well as a nominee for “African CEO of the Year” by African Reinsurance Corporation.


A graduate of Actuarial Science from the University of Lagos and a Chartered Insurer by Profession, he holds the Doctor of Finance (Honoris Causa) and is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria, The Risk Managers Society of Nigeria and the Association of Investment Advisers and Portfolio Managers.


He is a past President of Lagos Business School Alumni Association (LBSAA) and an alumnus of the Harvard Business School.


He spends his spare time doing social work through the WATO Foundation which runs the WATO Group of Schools for indigent children.


Wole is a firm believer in the building and transformation of the economy through the development of Risk management and Insurance.


HIS SPEECH 'I started my career via an internship at an auditing firm at age eighteen in Nigeria. 

(I also started my work career at age eighteen whilst interning for a bank. I worked as a communication assistant. This is was where I learnt corporate communications, business writing, public relations and customer service. These work experiences formed the basis of my auditing career. My salary was N2,000). 

'It was not a paid internship. 'However, I learnt a lot whilst working at this auditing firm.

'With my knowledge in auditing, I was able to create a special service for insurance companies who were part of our clientele. 

'Armed with this knowledge, I created a niche for myself in the insurance sector and decided to set up my own insurance company. 

'Audit knowledge helps one to know how an organization works and how to help improve processes in an organization to make it work better for the growth and development of that organization. 

'So, my audit knowledge enabled me to design better processes for the insurance company as a whole that other insurance companies have emulated. 

(He is right. Auditing helps one to see things that other professionals cannot see with their naked eyes. An auditor thinks like a thief. To catch a monkey, you must behave like one. To catch a thief, you must behave like one. The only difference between an auditor and a fraudster is integrity - DJ Irawo). 

'So, no knowledge is lost. 

'What you learnt way back can create wealth for you now. 

'Do not be proud to learn. 

'Be patient. 

'Never underestimate the power of mentorship. 

'It could be one-on-one mentorship or you could follow them on social media. 

'This is our third edition of the Custodian Mentors Conference. 

'Our first edition took place in 2018. 

'The 2020 edition could not take place for an obvious reason - COVID-19. 

'I am happy to tell you that this edition is the best so far. 

'Why are we spending so much money to host an event that will not make profits for us? 

'Our major reason for hosting this conference is simply to give Nigerian youths hope for a better future....hope for a better Nigeria. 

'If you are currently going through tough times, pick yourself up and keep moving. 

'If you have lost money in certain businesses that you invested in or lost everything, do not give up. 

'Pick yourself up and start all over again. 

'As long as there is life, there is always hope for a better future. 

'Thank you for coming.

Musically yours,

DJ Irawo


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