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Sunday, 24 January 2021

MODUPE - Mehcosa

Mehitabel Cosa, musically known as Mehcosa, is a ten-year-old singer and songwriter.

Modupe's intro is catchy.

The outro is smooth.

The rhythm is flowing in the afro-pop genre of music.

The lead vocal is confident.

The backup vocals are clear and supportive.

The lyrics are simple and easy to sing along.

The musical accompaniments are exciting.

The recording and production qualities are balanced.

Mehcosa's performance quality is above average.

Modupe highlights Mehcosa's musical talent.

I rate this song 10/10. 

Listen and download this song at Mehcosa.

Watch the performance of this song @djiraworocks.


The intro is appealing.

The outro is inspiring.

The rhythm is flowing in the rhythm and blues genre of music.

The song is melodic.

The lead vocal has a distinctive vibrato.

The backup vocals are supportive, expressive and clear.

The lyrics are inspiring.

The song structure majorly takes a call and response style of delivery.

The musical accompaniments are driving.

The production and recording qualities are almost balanced; the lead vocalist's performance was overshadowed by the volume of the accompanying musical instruments at the latter end of the song.

The performance quality is excellent.

Paul praize is a skillful musician.

I rate this song 9/10.

Kindly click on Paul Praize to listen and download this song.

Click on @djiraworocks to watch the performance of this song on the Spirit and Soul Show with DJ Irawo.

Saturday, 23 January 2021



The intro is tuneful. The outro is powerful.

The rhythm is flowing and pronounced in the rock genre of music.

Isyrose's legato has feeling and is convincing.

The backup vocals are heartfelt and supportive. However, the backup vocals overshadow the lead vocal due to a slight imbalance in the recording and production qualities. 

The lyrics are inspiring.

The musical accompaniments are varied.

The song structure is:

Chorus (Twice)
Verse (Once)
Chorus (Twice)
Chorus with backup vocals (Twice)

Isyrose is an imaginative musician.

I rate this song 9/10.

Click on Isyrose to listen and download this song.

Click on @djiraworocks to watch the performance of this song by DJ Irawo on the Spirit and Soul Show.



The intro is exciting.

The outro is fair.

The rhythm is pronounced in the rock genre of music.

The lead vocal is convincing. 

The featured artist's vocal is powerful!

Both singers have smooth legato.

The backup vocals are heartfelt but their lyrics are not completely audible.

There is an imbalance in the recording and production qualities of the song.

The accompanying musical instruments overshadow the vocals.

The overall volume of the song is low. 

The title of the song reads, "I will win because of grace' but the title on the lyrics section reads, "I win because of grace. Which is it?

Moses Bliss did justice to this song.

Seyi Israel is a careful musician that needs to step out of his comfort zone.

I rate this song 6/10.

Listen to and download this song at Seyi Israel.



 The intro is powerful. The intro flows in the afropop genre of music. 

The song structure is simple with an introduction, verse, chorus, call and response, bridge and outro.

The outro is strong. 

The dynamic shift in the bridge to a higher octave is commendable.

The lead vocal is heartfelt. Her legato is good.

The backup vocals are raw and confident. 

The song is melodic.

The lyrics are heartwarming and performed in English language and another Nigerian language.

The musical accompaniments are simple. 

However, it would have been better if the percussion beats had more life to them. They are dull and lack variety.

The recording and performance qualities are above average.

Your lyrics are incomplete and incorrect. If you must add lyrics to your uploaded songs on the shuzia platform, kindly ensure that the words are correct so that your listeners will not find it confusing to sing along with you.

Touch is a competent musician.

I rate this song 7/10.

Watch the performance of this song by DJ Irawo @djiraworocks

Tuesday, 5 January 2021



There is always a first time for everything and this is the first time for My Freedom Street Jam organized by Drumline Entertainment.

My initial plan was to launch this show in collaboration with clubs, hotels, lounges and places where music performances take place but the plan changed because of the covid-19 pandemic which caused performances at all event centres to come to a complete halt.

DJ 07 and DJ Irawo

Even now, entertainment activities in these event venues are not as buoyant as they ought to be and there are rumours that the government will begin to monitor the order of gatherings at parties, clubs, lounges, churches, etc in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

What is the common man to do to get entertained and relieve stress?

Can I still organize this event and comply with the covid-19 rules and regulations?

So, the idea came up in me to organize this event and to collaborate with DJ 07 who has been playing his music on the street to promote himself and I suggested that viewers sit in front of their shops and homes and watch from there without gathering around the performers.

The goals of the My Freedom Street Jam are to: 

  • To raise money via viewers' donations to support our miscellaneous expenses.
  • To raise awareness for mental health in my community and proffer solutions
  • To partner with mental health professionals to provide free medical checkups for members of my community.
  • To partner with brands who intend to promote their products and services in my community.
  • To provide free entertainment for members of my community.
The Orisunmibare community in the Alimoso local government area is the one currently enjoying this service.

At the end of the first edition, My Freedom Street Jam was entertaining.

Women danced in front of their homes and shops.

Children danced on the streets in an impromptu choreography.

Boys and men moved closer to get a better view of me to ensure that I was the one actually playing the talking drum😁.

Vehicles almost jammed themselves in order to get a better view of our performance.

Some vehicles, motorcyclists and rickshaws parked their automobiles to get enjoy the beats.

The abokis were not left out.

They 'parked' their shoemaking boxes and sewing machines around a kiosk to get a good view of our event.

This is a test of the waters.

Hopefully, my official videographer will be available for the next editions.

Musically yours, 
DJ Irawo

Wednesday, 30 December 2020



This event is set to hold on January 4, 2021.

This time, yours truly will be collaborating with DJ 07 to bring this event to life.

Be there!

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