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Separation and Divorce Roadmap Ebook

Separation and Divorce Roadmap Ebook
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Tuesday, 20 July 2021



More than a year ago, I decided to add divorce coaching to my repertoire after I shared my divorce journey on my Facebook wall and I began to get inbox messages from men and women who wanted to know more about how to solve their marital issues, get a separation or an outright divorce.


I have since realized that separation and divorce are taboos that are not openly discussed by Nigerians because their numerous pastors preach, God hates divorce!


If only they know the number of people that want to get out of that institution……..just as many as those who want to get into it.


This life no balance!


During my final pre-separation, separation, pre-divorce and divorce stages, I did not have anyone to approach to guide me on what to do.


Older women whom I knew had gone through this ordeal were reluctant to talk about it. The only succour that I got was from my divorce lawyer but I knew that I could not completely depend on him as his primary focus was on earning his daily bread.


With my divorce experience, I am the one who has come to bell the cat.


I am the one that will not call herself a relationship coach against many people’s advice so that, in their opinion, I will not be shamed as an outcast who encourages other people to get a divorce because I am a divorcee.

Relationship coaches will pet you with their sweet words of mending your relationships because God hates divorce even if the marriage is not working.


I say as it is.


Find out the roadmap to getting a separation or divorce in Nigeria from this book.


One book purchase will earn you one hour of coaching and a referral to a divorce lawyer in any state of Nigeria.

It costs N4,000 only.

Purchase via:

Saturday, 10 July 2021



Beginning from August 1, 2021, the following are the music, educational and promotional content that I have for you from Drumline Entertainment via my Facebook wall @djiraworocks:


This is a music and talk show about mental health, music therapy and other therapies for mental health issues.

This show will come on Sundays between 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm.


This is strictly a talk show where I will be promoting music artists, music professionals and entrepreneurs who have merchandise, services and content to sell.

Check out my promotion price list at Music Promotion.


This is a music and talk show where I will be talking about divorce, separation, marriage and dating. 

You should join me when it begins.


This is a music and talk show where I try my best to link up:
  • Divorcees
  • Baby Mamas
  • Baby Daddies
  • Widows
  • Widowers
........and spinsters and bachelors who do not mind starting a relationship with any of the above classification of people.

It is a call-in show.


On the Fleek Artist Show, I will be promoting music singles and music albums of music artists. 

This show can come up more than once a week if I am promoting a music album.


I do my thing on my disc jockey controller and my talking drum.

If you would like to support my content, kindly send me a WhatsApp message on +234-(0)706-925-4843.

Follow my blog.

I remain musically yours, 

DJ Irawo

Thursday, 1 July 2021



As parents, we long to reap the fruits of our labour from our careers and from our children as we retire from active service.

If we have found fulfilment in our jobs and businesses, why then do we hinder our children from deriving the same joy from theirs?

Why do we prevent them from achieving happiness and success from their talents?

Why do we live our lives through our children?

Are you not being selfish with your decision?

Talent or gift is a natural skill that can be harnessed to create value and earn money via continuous learning and training.

When parents hear the word ‘talent’, they only think in terms of the arts like music, dance, art and craft whereas talent can come in any form. 

Talent can even come in the form of information technology, accounting, science, agriculture, etc.

Parents are the custodians of their children. 

That you birthed these children into the world does not mean that they do not have a mind of their own. 

You do not have the right to control their destiny. 

Your duty is to study them and guide them on the right path so that they will be useful to themselves, to you and society.

Even twin children have different personalities. They cannot want the same thing. 

So, you cannot expect that Child A will turn out like Child B. 

You must create time to nurture the interests of each child.

Your duty as a parent is to study your children and guide them in the right direction.

If Child A wants to become a doctor and Child B wants to become a dancer, so be it.

Your duty is not to try to influence Child B to become like Child A because you feel that a career as a doctor is prestigious and lucrative when compared to dancing.

In today’s world, all careers have equal chances of success. Check out Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau AKA Kaffy who is a Nigerian dancer, choreographer, dance and fitness instructor and Iweh Pascal Odinaka AKA Poco Lee who is a dancer.

Let's even set aside the comparison between or amongst your children.

Let us talk about you, their parents.

Let us imagine a scenario where you have a thriving career as a dentist.

Probably you and your spouse met in medical school.

She is a paediatrician.

After working for a while for other hospitals, you both decided to set up your own practice. You purchased a property and built a hospital that includes a dental clinic.

You have high expectations that your children will take over the running of your business once you retire and continue the family legacy.

You plan to birth three children and your plan was successful. 

You gave birth to three children namely: Adekunle, Adefunke and Adebimpe.

You imagined that Adekunle would be a paediatrician or a neurologist.

You imagined that Adefunke would be a neurosurgeon or a psychiatrist.

You imagined that Adebimpe would be a lawyer or an accountant to run the business side of your legacy.

......but you got a shocker!

Adekunle wants to be a shoemaker, Adefunke wants to be a fashion blogger and fashion stylist and Adebimpe wants to be a musician.

So their parents, Dr and Dr Mrs Fabiyi, are exasperated! How in the world would these children do that? How dare they choose ‘low profile’ careers over prestigious medical careers?

How dare they bring shame on the family?!!!

Well, if you think that you are going to force these children to do your bidding, you will only ruin their lives.

You will be setting them up for stress, anxiety, depression and ultimately suicide.

Many of these children will do what you want them to do but they will deliberately fail at the course that you have forced them to do and you will become frustrated after wasting a lot of time and money.

They will gift you with their certificate after graduation and follow their passion afterwards.

Like I said before, you are their guide and custodian. 

Your children are not dummies. They have a mind of their own.

So, when they decide to join the art class in SSS one with the assistance of their principal, vice-principal and guidance counsellor and a letter have been communicated to you to via your child about your child's subject choices, do not go back to the school to demand that your child be put in the science class because: 

1. that is what you want.
2. you want your child to take over your family business.
3. You want to use your child’s career to boast to your colleagues, family, friends and neighbours that your child is a doctor or engineer or lawyer.

4. you are the one paying his/her school fees.
5. just because you say so.

The signing of an undertaking by a parent to guarantee that the parent will be responsible for the failure of a child should the child fail that class is not enough to compensate that child for the mental torture that you are putting him/her through.

You are only toying with the happiness and health of your children.

What Mr and Mrs Fabiyi ought to do to secure the happiness and financial freedom of their children who have no interest in the medical career is to:

1. Stop the hospital business when the last spouse dies.
2. Plan for the lease of the property after the last spouse dies.
3. Plan for a split of lease income amongst the three children which they will use to support their new businesses. 
4. The hospital property does not have to be sold.

One of my father's close friends is a land and quantity surveyor. He runs a private practice in these careers.

He has two children. The first is female and she wanted to be a draper just like her mother. 

His second child is male and he wanted a career in information technology. 

Initially, my father's friend was sad that no child would continue with his legacy but he had to sacrifice that for the happiness of his children and his children love him for it.

I know someone whose brother was cajoled by their father to study medicine just because he wanted to have a child who would be called by the prefix, Dr. 

He failed the medical examinations at different stages. At a point, he was asked to withdraw but his father kept on bribing the school authorities to enable him to continue his studies.

He became a doctor alright but he was a bad one. He made several mistakes at the hospital where he worked which almost cost the lives of his patients.

One day, after the fourth query which he got from the medical director for gross negligence, he resigned from his job and went home dejected.

A few months later, he registered at an art school and became a fine artist.

Today, he is one of the happiest people that I know.

I have a similar experience too. I wanted to have a career in music and theatre arts but my parents wanted me to study accounting. 

They claimed that music and theatre arts are for dullards.

In my own situation, I excelled at accounting because I thought that I should just see if I would eventually love the career and of course, I did not really enjoy it.

I was only striving to please my parents.

I graduated with a second class upper in accounting in addition to two diplomas and professional certifications in accounting.

I worked for a while as a marketer, transaction officer and internal auditor. I became the head of the internal control, audit and investigations department......but I was bored.

I resigned to pursue my dreams. 

My musical dreams began to manifest after I got a scholarship to study music at the Pencils Film and Television Institute (PEFTI). I graduated with a distinction and was the best graduating student for that period.

On her sickbed, my mother confessed to me that she was actually the one that wanted me to be an accountant. She had wanted to be an accountant but her own mother wanted her to be a nurse. So, she passed on her passion to me. My father supported her decision.

I suffered from stress, anxiety, depression and contemplated suicide twice.

Before I gave birth to my children, I had vowed that I would never choose a career for them.

At age eighteen, my first son is a basketballer and a textile artist.

My second son plans to be a chef and a food scientist. Already he gets cooking jobs from his friends.

My third son plans to be a robotic engineer.

I support them in every way that I can.

Today, I am a musician. I also carry out music business services.

If I had started out earlier as a musician, I would have achieved more success at an early age.

If that doctor had become an artist on time, he would have achieved success faster at an early age.

If I had started out earlier, I would have been able to support my parents earlier and they would have been able to reap the fruits of their labour early!

Musically yours,

DJ Irawo

Saturday, 26 June 2021



1. Be passionate about your career. Without passion, you will easily get frustrated when you run into problems or when your business not doing well.

2. Education is not a scam! Have you tried ignorance?

Have at least a certificate in music, business, intellectual property law and project management.

Attend music workshops, conferences and seminars.

Buy books and courses related to music, business and management.

Education is what you need to read your music and work contracts.

Education is how you check your finances and manage your investments.

A fool and his money are soon parted. 

Education will make you wise.

3. Start early! Once you have decided on your career path, move on with it. Check out Michael Jackson, Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage and a host of music artists who started out early in life. 

Even non-music professionals like Serena and Venus Williams should motivate you to start out early.

Starting out early has its pros and cons. I would rather focus on the pros.

4. Be humble. Humility pays all of the time. With humility, you will get to learn a lot from your superiors, juniors and mates in the music industry. 

5. Dress Properly. You can be covered up and still be appealing to your audience. Check out Adele and Asa.

6. Be comfortable in your own skin. There is no need to have a stage name or pseudonym if you do not want it. Check out Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade. Those are their real names. 

I did not want to have a pseudonym. I wanted to use my real name which is Oluwakemi Famugbode but whilst I was a student at PEFTI, a video editor convinced me to have a catchy name and I chose Irawo. 

After my divorce, I legalized Irawo as my first name because the name has been working positively for me.

7. Be chaste. Avoid sexual escapades in the form of baby mamas and baby daddies. It could ruin your career or make you pay unnecessary expenses. Check out Wizkid, Davido, etc.

8. Be hardworking. Work hard, work smart.

9. You can combine one or more careers in this industry in order to stay afloat. For example, Wizkid is a music artist and he has his own record label. The same goes for Olamide, Davido, Burna Boy and a host of other music artists.

10. Be unique. Do not copy other music artists. You can copy their songs via sampling and covers which can be done legally but do not try to copy their style. You will get burnt out.

We do not need another Naira Marley or Tope Alabi. Be your unique self. However, you can get inspiration from another artist's style of music or sense of style.

In the music industry, everyone does not have to sing. Look for what you can do under 65 Careers in the Music Business in Nigeria. Surely, you must find one career that you are passionate about. 

11. Be dedicated and tenacious. Give it your all.

12. Practice regularly. Take care of your musical instruments and your voice. 

13. Take care of your physical and mental health always.

14. Be Timely. Go for your meetings, performances and work on time. Lateness to perform or carry out the terms of an agreement could earn you a lawsuit.

15. Be innovative. Create your own style of doing things. This is what I do at Drumline Entertainment.

See you in my next blog.

Musically yours,

DJ Irawo

UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS: 65 Careers in the Music Business in Nigeria

Good day students, teachers and parents. 

My name is Irawo Oluwakemi Famugbode also known as DJ Irawo. 

I am a musician. 

I have been providing music business services since January 12, 2010. 

Let me break down what I do as a musician for you. 

I am a:

Singer: I sing in the jazz genre of music.

Songwriter: I write songs in different genres of music.

Drummer: My major musical instrument is the talking drum which is called gangan in the Yoruba language.

Disc Jockey: I am an online DJ. I promote musicians, music artists, performing artists, instrumentalists and other music professionals via my show tagged: Unlimited Irawo which is shared on all my social media platforms. The show debuts fully in July 2021.

Music Blogger: I write music news, views, single and music album reviews, interviews with music professionals and generally about the music business in Nigeria in this Drumline Entertainment Blog.

Music Promoter: I promote the songs, music albums and careers of music professionals using my disc jockeying, writing and dance talents.

Music Publisher: I represent songwriters. 

Author: Currently, I am working on my debut book. I write about my life, self-help and music business. 

Today, I will be talking about the topic:

UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS: 65 Careers in the Music Business in Nigeria

Firstly, what is music? 

Music is an art of sound that expresses emotions via words, rhythm, melody, harmony and tone.

However, there are exceptions.

For example:

Music with no words could be classical and jazz music.

Music with no melody is acapella.

A theory exists which says that:

Music and other forms of creativity are right-brained functions.

Business/technology/science are left-brained functions. 

I wonder what someone like me who has a functional right brain and left brain will be called.

Entertainment is a branch of the economy just like the health sector, finance sector, information technology sector, etc. 

Entertainment contributes to the GDP of any country.

The entertainment sector consists of several industries such as the:

  • Music Industry
  • Dance Industry
  • Comedy Industry
  • Film Industry
  • Comic Industry
  • Cartoon Industry, etc.

Talent is not enough!

You need to make money from your music talent. 

Your music is your content.

Make money from your content.

This is known as the monetization of your content. 

Thus, we can confidently say that: Music + Money = Music Business

Music Business is the process of making money from careers in the music industry.

It is not compulsory to sing or compose music before you can earn a career in music. 

Passion for music and success is all that you need to thrive in the music industry.

This leads us back to our sub-topic: 65 Careers in the Music Business in Nigeria.

These careers are as follows:


This is someone who can play one or more musical instruments, compose melodies or lyrics or both, sing and is vast in the business of his music.


He or she plays one or more musical instruments only without singing and performs the compositions of another person. Instrumentalists are hired as band members and music studio support for musicians/music artists/performing artists.


This is someone who writes lyrics that can be converted into songs. Usually, lyricists are rappers or poets.


This is a person who composes a melody by heart or via the writing of music notations which can be performed via sight-reading.

Usually, composers can play one or more musical instruments.


Elton John is a singer, pianist and composer.

Bernie Taupin is a lyricist. 

Both of them have been collaborating on the creation of songs since 1967 and they have worked on more than thirty music albums together. 

Three of their songs are SacrificeCandle in the Wind which was composed for the late Princess Diana of Wales and I'm Still Standing.


This is a person who performs the task of creating both the lyrics and melody of a song. 


This is someone who creates, performs and releases music independently via a record label. 

This person is a songwriter as well as a performing artist.


This is a person who performs music only. 

She does not write her own songs. An example of a performing artists are Rihanna and Whitney Houston.

For example, Rihanna's hit song, Umbrella, was written by four songwriters and they are Jay Z, Tricky Stewart, Kuk Harrel and The Dream.

Sometimes, music artists who are also songwriters in addition to writing their own songs also perform songs from other songwriters. 

These music artists are also known as performing music artists or performing musicians, where they also play musical instruments. 

Examples of these songs are:

Gobe which was written by Password for Davido

Aye which was written by Runtown for Davido

Sade which was written by Ikemefuna AKA KLEM for Davido

YOLO was written by KLEM for Seyi Shay

Ferrari was written by KLEM for Yemi Alade

Knack Am was written by KLEM for Yemi Alade

Applaudise was written by KLEM for Iyanya

Gift was written by KLEM FOR Iyanya

Glass House was written by KLEM for 9ice.

49-99 was co-written by Tiwa Savage and Olamide.

Runtown, Tiwa Savage and Olamide are songwriters who also perform their own music.


One can dance in a music video of a music artist/musician/performing artist and also teach musicians how to dance in their music videos just like Kaffy does.


This is a person who represents a musician/music artist/performing artist in relation to his/her clients. 


This is a person that provides bookkeeping, accounting, business and investment consulting service for music professionals.


A lawyer can focus on handling music matters relating to intellectual property law such as copyright, trademarks, etc only or expand his tentacles to cover the whole of the entertainment industry. 

He writes contracts for record labels, music publishers, etc and represents music professionals in lawsuits.


This organization represents musicians, music artists and performing music artists. 

It can be owned by an individual who is also a musician or music artist or by partners or limited by shares.


This is a person who scouts for music talents for a record label. 


This is a person who works with artists to schedule music concerts and tours, negotiate fees, endorsements and attends to contracts with respect to these bookings.


This person manages publicity for a brand. 

They generate a buzz at intervals for the artist. 

Examples of courses to study at the higher institution to become one are communication and language arts, public relations, English language, Literature in English and journalism.


This person books performers for concerts, festivals, etc. 


This professional designs websites for music professionals.



This person represents songwriters in relation to the users of music and the collecting societies.


This is a person who combines music and visual media such as film, television, advertising, online videos and video games. He/she reads the scripts and assigns licensed songs from a music publisher or directly from the copyright owners of music to be placed in the scenes of visuals. 


This is usually a health practitioner who uses music as an alternative or additional support to heal patients who suffer from physical pain and mental health illnesses. 

These professionals study health-related courses and then study music which prepares them with the ability to play one or more musical instruments to be used in the practice.


This is a person who teaches music theory, music performance and how to play musical instruments. 


This is a person who hosts music events at clubs, music concerts and festivals and makes it interesting.

He/she hypes and announces the act for the day.

He/she can act as back up rapper or singer interjecting the performance with funny phrases. 

You must be a lively person to do this work.


This person plans music concerts, festivals, birthdays, weddings, etc for music acts.


This person writes about music news, music singles and albums, music events, music reviews, music professionals and writes these topics based on her personal opinions.


A music journalist performs the same functions as a music blogger except that a music journalist writes her stories based on facts.


This is a person who plays music from a turntable or controller connected to speakers. There are different types of DJs such as:

a. Radio DJ

b. Club DJ

c. Religious DJ

d. Mobile DJ: They play at weddings, parties, etc.

e. Remix DJs: They reproduce original popular songs in order to promote these songs and their craft.


This is a modern-day broadcaster. He either works as a staff for a radio or television station or he earns a living by purchasing a time slot on radio or television, selling of advertisement and promotion of singles and music albums.


He records singles and music albums of music professionals. Music producers can also master and mix songs.


He masters and mixes songs produced by a music producer for a better sound output.


This professional shoots and directs a music film for a music act.


This professional writes storyboards for music videos, films and documentaries based on the memoirs and biographies of music professionals either dead or alive.

The following films have been shot to tell the stories of the lives of music professionals:

a. What's Love Got To Do With it for Tina Turner

b. Ray for Ray Charles

c. The Sound of Music for the Von Trapp Family Singers. This is a true-life story based on the Von Trapp family singers who were famous in the pre-world war 2 era.

d. Rocketman for Elton John

e. All Eyes on Me for Tupac

f. Whitney for Whitney Houston. 

g. Selena for Selena Quintallina-Perez

In Nigeria, we have Ayinla for Ayinla Omowura (Waidi Yusuf Gbogbolowo).


This professional is responsible for making a musician look good by styling the music artist's hair, clothes, shoes, etc.


This professional combines music and acting on stage and film in her performances. 

In a musical theatre, songs are rendered in-between dialogues.

She can also be an opera singer where songs are sung to act in a play instead of dialogues.


This is one who plans the stage for music concerts and music festivals. She ensures that all required musical instruments are delivered, a music artist's technical rider is adhered to and she plans the soundcheck including other duties involving the stage.


This is one who manages a music studio that is used for music rehearsals and or music production, mastering and mixing. 


This is a caterer of food and drinks for A-list music artists in the green room. A green room is The VIP section of a concert venue for entertaining top musicians.


This person directs music for choirs, choral groups and contemporary music. This term is loosely used in place of a music supervisor of films.


You can learn how to manufacture violins, guitars, drums, etc.


This professional creates awareness for a music performer's songs online and offline via blogs, social media, radio, television, etc.


This is a person who makes recorded music available to the public for purchase via offline and online music stores, streaming and download services, artist's website, etc.


This is a person who sells compact discs, music books, music vinyl, musical instruments and accessories via offline and online shops.


You can own a security company that provides bulletproof vehicles, bodyguards, entrance and exit security, CCTV cameras, body cameras and other forms of security to music professionals.


As an insurance broker, you will represent your music client to buy an insurance policy. Examples of  types of insurance policies that you can buy are: 

a. Life Assurance

b. Property Insurance

c. Fire Insurance

d. Social Insurance

e. Guarantee Insurance


This professional works with a music supervisor, record label, music publisher, music manager, filmmaker, radio, television, etc to help garner information related to music, music artists, music events, etc for use in content creation.


This person can work in a local and private library, radio, television and publishing organization to organize, catalogue and maintain collections and answer reference inquiries from users of the library.


A digital marketer performs the following functions: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, etc. 


Based on the above functions, you may decide to focus on only one digital marketing service such as managing the Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn accounts of a musician or focus on only one type of account. For example, you could be a Pinterest guru, managing only Pinterest accounts for several musicians. 


This is a professional who creates, designs, deploys and updates programs for a particular device, the web or a particular operating system. You can use this knowledge to create apps for musicians according to their needs.


This professional conducts an orchestra.


Apart from making your ambulance service available at music concerts and festivals, you should be able to make the first-aid service available at these events.


Top musicians require the services of these professionals to help them organize their meetings and performance calendars, organize and respond to their emails, pick their calls, check on their laundry service providers, etc.


Use your expertise to make musicians be in top physical shape for their performances, music videos and interviews.


Be a tutor to musicians. 

Help them to polish their English language. 

You can be a language tutor and teach them other languages like French, Spanish, Mandarin, etc. 

Etiquette tutoring is another knowledge that you can provide for musicians by teaching them how to eat with a fork and knives and how to behave at different gatherings.


Take care of the dirty laundry of A-list musicians. 

Wash, dry clean and iron their laundry.

Pick up and drop off their laundry as soon as you are done and get paid for your services.


Handle projects for musicians such as the purchase of gift items on behalf of a musician, visits to the orphanage, prison, etc, organize activities for their fan club and foundations.


Sell concert tickets to fans of music artists via a website, take a percentage and make profits on the sale of several tickets for several music events.


Help independent musicians source funding for their music and private projects via your writing skills.


Help source for opportunities for musicians via your excellent writing skills.


Write breathtaking speeches for musicians and make cool cash.


Design single and album covers, social media and website graphics, etc for musicians.


Usually, music collecting societies are limited by guarantee. 

You can send your curriculum vitae to the available ones for an opportunity to work at their organization. 

In the USA, the collecting societies are ASCAP, BMI and CESAC. 

In the UK, they have PRS, MCPS and PPL. 

In Nigeria, we have the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) and the Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria (MCSN).

These organizations help songwriter, composers and lyricists to collect their blanket licences, performing royalties and other royalties and distribute general and specific royalties.


You can provide musical instrument and sound set up, chauffeur-driven vehicles, deliver invites for music concerts, etc.


Use your vocals to support the singles and albums of musicians in the music studio and in live music performances.


You can create sound effects for films and theatre productions.


Make performing artists look great with your makeup skills. 

You will work in collaboration with a stylist.


Provide music business, life and performance coaching for music professionals.

There are more careers but I will stop here. The music industry is an unlimited one.

The second part of my speech is 15 Success Tips for Music Business Professionals.

Check it out in my next blog.

Musically yours,

DJ Irawo

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